Multi-occasion application of mobile LED full-color display


Mobile LED full-color display is used in multiple occasions. When it comes to mobile LED full-color display, it will naturally be associated with weddings, concerts, company celebrations, large-scale cultural activities and other occasions. Now mobile LED full-color displays are already indispensable for large-scale events. The equipment is applied to various industries with brilliant colors, can play a variety of signals, flexible assembly and transportation. In the future, the mobile LED full-color display will have higher precision and better definition, and the market will naturally be much better. At present, various The companies all attach great importance to the product design of mobile LED full-color display screens, and are promoting the sales of products with unique shapes. With the Golden September and Silver October, the peak consumption season is gradually starting, and business activities are also extremely active. Various forums, celebrations, new product launches, annual meetings, etc. are about to come one after another. The vast number of mobile business friends and event execution companies have a tendency to earn a year in one season.

At this time, it is a smart choice to buy a mobile LED full-color display screen of Lianhuiye, because the investment income will quickly soar. The extremely high versatility allows the United Huiye Mobile LED full-color display to be easily installed as a home appliance, with free HDMI and no professional qualification restrictions; there are also general signal interfaces and power interfaces to meet assembly requirements, making installation more convenient. United Huiye's powerful full-color LED display supply chain guarantee system fully guarantees the timely supply of products and meets the one-time large-volume shipments.

More than 500 thousand-store image stores are located all over the country, providing customers with convenient pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale integrated services. For the same wedding scene, if there is a mobile LED full-color display to broadcast the whole process, the grade will be really different! Many hotel operators would not want to miss such a beautiful stage effect of Lianhe Huiye! With thousands of advantages in one body, what are you still hesitating about! In addition, Lianhuiye provides two kinds of mobile LED full-color display product solutions, including the whole screen of the LED module solution box and the unit board that can be fixed and moved standardly. A wide range of applications, invest now, and the benefits are easy to see immediately! At the same time, many large-scale cultural evenings, star concerts, musicals, fan clubs, etc. will also choose to be held in the golden autumn when the sky is clear and clear.

The Lianhe Huiye mobile LED full-color display screen, which can meet the large demand of customers in the same batch to a great extent, is also favored by contractors. In the golden autumn season, many colleges and universities will hold a series of welcome activities. The stable performance and convenient installation of Lianhe Huiye Mobile LED full-color display is naturally popular among colleges and universities, making every event dazzling in the brilliance of light and shadow.

Lianhuiye mobile LED full-color display has excellent configuration: 1 refresh rate ≥ 3840Hz, 2 equipped with high-definition high-end PWM driver IC, 3 using Lianhuiye standard high-quality lamp tube, stable performance, low light decay, special process design protection The lamp tube is safe; the display effect is excellent, and it can display ultra-high-definition in any application scenario. 416bit adjustable grayscale processing depth. 5 No water ripples, no flickering when taking pictures, and no shaking when walking.

Batch after batch of United Huiye Mobile LED full-color display screens are being installed all over the country in full swing, and the market prospect is unprecedentedly hot. Dear mobile operators, the balance in 2017 is already insufficient, and if you don’t act, you will miss the whole year-end battle! Don't hesitate any longer, let's do it decisively with Lianhuiye Mobile LED full-color display! .

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