Natural disaster weather outdoor LED large screen how to survive the danger


"Natural Disaster Weather How to Survive Risks with Outdoor LED Large Screens" There are many natural disasters every year, such as floods, typhoons, earthquakes, etc. After each disaster, it will cause unacceptable consequences to the country or individuals, so it is necessary to prevent problems before they happen especially important. As a manufacturer of large LED screens, we would like to give some necessary suggestions on the construction process of installing LED screens. Typhoons should not be underestimated in natural disasters. In early August this year, the No. 4 typhoon "Nida" had just gone far, and the No. 8 typhoon "Dianmu" hit Dongli Town, Leizhou City, Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province at 15:40 yesterday. login. It can be said that there are typhoons every year, especially this year. And according to the latest news from the Meteorological Department, it is expected that after the "Dianmu" passes through the Leizhou Peninsula, it will continue to affect my country's Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi coastal areas. "Although the typhoon is gone, its tail is still shaking the rain" is a true portrayal of the typhoon. In addition to frequent typhoons, since May this year, the rain in the south has gradually increased, and there are thunder and lightning. Compared with the inland cities of our country, the coastal cities in the south are the economically developed areas in our country, and they are also the main market locations of outdoor LED advertising screens in our country. Although my country's outdoor LED large screens have certain functions such as waterproofing, frequent rainstorms are inevitably worrying. Therefore, it is also a top priority to do a good job of waterproofing and lightning protection for outdoor LED large screens. Except for typhoons and heavy rains, the fatal injury of outdoor LED large screens must be lightning. If the display screen is struck by lightning, it will cause very serious damage, so the outdoor LED large screen must be equipped with lightning protection equipment such as lightning rods. In addition, grounding is also very important. You can install a power surge protector in the distribution box and then ground it to ensure the safety of the outdoor LED large screen. In the thunderstorm-prone season, taking protective measures for outdoor LED large screens is the best solution to reduce unnecessary human and financial losses caused by this. Therefore, the outdoor LED large screen should do a good job in relevant protection work from production, construction, and user units. There are various installation methods for outdoor LED large screens, such as column type, mosaic type, wall type, hanging type and so on. Then in the typhoon-prone season, in order to avoid the outdoor LED large screen from being hit by the typhoon, and the resulting damage to human and property. The engineering unit must strictly install the load-bearing steel frame structure of the display screen in strict accordance with the typhoon-resistant grade standard, and make it have a certain earthquake resistance. In addition, with the frequent rainstorms, the large LED screen itself should have a high waterproof ability. In the outdoor use environment, the outdoor LED large screen must reach the IP65 level, the module must be encapsulated with glue, and a waterproof box should be selected, and the module and the box should be connected with a waterproof rubber ring. .

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