Necessary supporting equipment for large LED screens


LED large screens can be installed in any place, and the installation methods are different, and the area size is also different. The length and height of the LED screen are mainly designed according to the site environment of the building. Generally, the outdoor large LED screen has a large area, and the steel structure is an indispensable part, which is also an important part of cost accounting. The indoor LED screen is relatively restricted by the environment, and its area is slightly smaller. Next, we will evaluate whether the required supporting equipment is needed for the supporting equipment. Server: The server usually refers to the computer, which is the core equipment used to control the LED screen. Installing special software on the computer can play different formats of video, pictures, text and other information programs. Sending card: The sending card is the beginning of signal sending. The LED screen with more than 1.3 million pixels must be equipped with a sending card. The LED screen with less than 130 pixels can send video signals through the Gigabit Ethernet port of the computer, which can save the cost of the sending card. Video processor: If the large LED screen needs to play TV signals, live camera broadcasts, DVD signals or other video source signals, it must be equipped with a video processor. Realization, can save the cost of the video processor. Receiving card: The LED receiving card is used to receive the signal sent by the sending end. Usually, there is one card per box, and the pixels loaded by each card do not exceed 256*256 pixels. If it exceeds the loading range, the refresh rate of the LED large screen will decrease, and Flickering occurs. Power distribution cabinet: The large LED screen needs power supply, and when the LED screen is large in size, the instantaneous start-up current is relatively large. Therefore, the main core task of the power distribution cabinet is to connect through three five-wire power supplies, and the multi-channel output method reduces the simultaneous The starting current wave makes the LED large screen and related electrical appliances work smoothly and normally. The working principle of the LED power distribution cabinet is a strong current input. (Temperature, brightness self-adjustment, remote power on and off, etc.) Supporting control can realize that each input of the LED large screen can be powered on and working at different intervals under specified conditions. .

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