New ideas for cluster development and transformation of LED full-color screens


"New Ideas for the Development and Transformation of LED Full-Color Screen Clusters" At present, LED full-color screens have been widely used in advertising media, sports venues, stage performances and other fields, and have become the most mature market segment in China's LED application field. In the context of the current situation, how should China's LED full-color screen industry develop? The development of the color screen industry can be found that the situation of the LED full-color screen industry is as follows: 1. The layout of the Internet of Things, and the trend of intelligent LED full-color screens is becoming more and more obvious. In recent years, with the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, With the rise of new technologies such as wireless communication and artificial intelligence, interconnection technology has provided a huge impetus for the development of all walks of life. It has subtly affected people's working methods and thinking habits, and at the same time promoted the development strategies of all walks of life. innovation. Since LED smart displays are currently widely used in the construction of smart cities, they are also called LED smart city terminals. The LED smart city terminal was born out of the original LED full-color screen, but it has many differences from the original display screen in many aspects such as applied technology, product form, application scope, product function, and operation business model. Its outstanding features It is intelligence and IoT.

At present, many LED companies with insight into the opportunities have been keenly aware of the role of interconnection and intercommunication technology in promoting the development of the entire industry, and adjusted their development strategies accordingly. Re-layout and launch of new products combining LED full-color screens and smart ecosystems, which also provides new kinetic energy and new vitality for the LED full-color screen industry that has entered the bottleneck period. 2. The LED rental market has been ignited again. With the wide application of LED full-color screens in the market, in recent years, its excellent advertising capabilities have been recognized and favored by more and more businesses, and it has also given birth to the LED rental market demand. Many conferences, exhibitions, performances, etc. are enthusiastic about LED rental equipment, which has also become a convenient, efficient, and cost-saving important choice for businesses. After a period of time, as everyone's understanding of the policy returned to rationality, LED leasing returned to the peak of the market, igniting the passion of many businesses in the leasing field.

Since 2016, major domestic LED screen companies have been scrambling to engage in new technology development and new product development in order to occupy the rental market, launched new rental products, and made many impressive large-scale project projects. Look, LED rental has ushered in a new market. However, in the past two years, affected by the national frugal policy, the LED rental market has been greatly impacted, especially the promulgation of the "Entertainment Restriction Order", the reduction of celebrity business has directly led to a substantial reduction in the LED full-color screen stage rental market. 3. Mergers and acquisitions of LED full-color screen companies are becoming more and more rational. In 2016, the phenomenon of mergers and acquisitions among enterprises in the LED full-color screen industry is still lively, but they are more rational. There are very few cases of "mergers and acquisitions after a disagreement".

In recent years, there are more and more cases of horizontal and cross-border mergers and acquisitions in the LED full-color screen industry. According to statistics, since 2013, the amount of mergers and acquisitions in the LED full-color screen industry has grown rapidly year by year. In 2013, this value was 2.6 billion yuan, and in 2014 it was 60 million The number of M&A targets and the amount of M&A doubled year-on-year. In 2015, the amount of M&A exceeded 10 billion yuan. Indeed, the current domestic LED full-color screen industry has entered a new stage of in-depth adjustment. The barbaric growth, staking-style development, and profiteering business model have come to an end.

From incremental competition to stock competition, the initial extensive competition has gradually shifted to the competition of comprehensive strength represented by capital and technology, and the decisive factors of enterprise comprehensive strength and brand competition have been gradually strengthened. Through horizontal mergers and acquisitions, enterprises can bring economies of scale, increase the market share of enterprises, suppress competitors, increase entry barriers in the field of enterprises and differentiate advantages of enterprises, such as Unilumin's acquisition of Radio and Rampu Technology; It can expand the strongest LED industry chain, realize the in-depth integration and optimization of resources in all links of the industry chain, and improve the overall competitiveness of the enterprise. Diversify the company's main business risks and realize business transformation, such as Alto Electronics' acquisition of Qianbaihui and cross-border lighting; cross-border mergers and acquisitions can tap greater profit margins for enterprises, such as the acquisition of American Planar Electronics and PLANAR by Lichuang. Regardless of the form of mergers and acquisitions, they are part of the company's own development strategy and the needs of the company's survival and development. Even after the company has developed to a certain stage, it is indispensable for it to maintain continuous competitiveness as a market competitor. a part of.

In this context, the living space of small and medium-sized enterprises has been severely squeezed, and the pressure of survival has increased suddenly. Being controlled and merged has become an inescapable problem lying on the road of the development of these enterprises. 4. VR/AR applications are booming. LED full-color screen front-line enterprises are competing to deploy, and they are popular in 2016. VR/AR technology combined with display applications has become a black technology that has attracted much attention and expectations. As an important member of the display field, full-color LED screens benefit from the development of high-definition and intelligent display technologies for small-pitch LED full-color screens. The combination of LED full-color screens and VR/AR technology is unstoppable. In 2016, domestic LED full-color screen companies have entered In the field of VR, it is the first year for LED full-color screen enterprises to develop the AR/VR market.

On March 22, Lichuang and Sichuan University Zhisheng signed the "Virtual Reality Technology Innovation and Application" Strategic Cooperation Agreement. The two companies will jointly study the integration and application of LED small-pitch display technology and VR technology. Participate in the China Virtual Reality Industry Alliance, and together with its strategic partners Lifeng Culture, Jin Lixiang, Shuhu Image Domestic First-line Cultural Tourism, Digital Dance Art, and Digital Performing Arts, are committed to the in-depth development of the virtual reality cultural tourism industry. In addition, through its wholly-owned The subsidiary invested in Magic Leap, a well-known augmented reality company, to accelerate the integration of VR/AR/MR fields. Liantronics has cooperated with a well-known domestic virtual reality system product and application company to study the VR virtual display system solution based on LED small-pitch display technology, and hopes to realize the wide application in the field of education and training relying on virtual reality technology. As a newly emerging technology, VR/AR display has attracted the attention of market investment due to its super immersive experience and sense of substitution, which is different from traditional information dissemination. The market size of the AR industry will reach US$30 billion and US$120 billion respectively, and the market size of head-mounted VR hardware will reach US$2.8 billion in 2020, and the compound growth rate is expected to exceed 100% in the next five years.

The combined application of LED full-color screen and VR/AR technology may become another growth point of LED full-color screen after the outbreak of small-pitch. On May 9th, Lichuang plans to invest 4.5 million US dollars to acquire 51% equity of Artixium Display Ltd. With the help of Artixium's certification qualifications, Lichuang's technical reserves and LED full-color screen manufacturing capabilities will be combined with Artixium's technology to accelerate the development of the virtual display market. On June 21, Unilumin Technology and Wonderland Technology formally signed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement". Based on the principles of complementary advantages, win-win cooperation and sustainable development, the two parties will carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation in the fields of virtual reality and visual display, and will VR/AR application is an important direction of the development strategy of both parties. New trends in the development of the LED industry in 2017: 1. The standardization of conventional products and the specialization of application products in specific fields, and the publicity, implementation and promotion of relevant standards will promote the standardized development of LED display products.

Among conventional LED display products, standardized display devices and control systems will be more widely used, and integrated LED display products will occupy a major position in the industry. The production of standardized LED display products and the specialized division of labor in market technical services will be more obvious. In the field of professional applications, in order to meet the needs of professional applications, the level of specialization of LED display products will continue to increase. Specialized products combined with application requirements will expand to form new products and new application fields of LED displays, such as large-scale urban lighting projects. Area LED display, LED display in sports venues, LED display in traffic field, etc. 2. Reasonable division of labor within the industry and the formation of a new industrial structure. With the development of technology and market, my country's LED display industry will gradually improve in the adjustment and have a reasonable division of labor to form a new industrial structure.

In the overall industrial chain, the formation of leading enterprises in the production of LED devices and backbone enterprises in the production of display products will redefine the division of labor between upstream and downstream industries, highlighting the specialization and collaboration of labor. Perhaps in the initial stage of the development of the semiconductor lighting industry, the division of labor and collaboration between LED device manufacturers and display product manufacturers is relatively vague, but with the expansion of the market and the maturity of technical products, this definition will become increasingly clear. In the industry, the enterprise groups in the industry will be properly classified, and gradually form a technology development enterprise focusing on key control system technology research and development, a product manufacturing enterprise focusing on large-scale and standardized production, and a technology development enterprise focusing on market application and promotion. Service-oriented enterprises, professional application-oriented enterprises that mainly meet the needs of professional markets, etc. 3. With the deepening of product technology and diversification of products, the technical foundation level of my country's LED full-color screen industry should be said to be quite advanced. The main products and key technologies can be kept in line with the advanced level of the same industry in the world, but the technological level is relatively backward , There is a clear gap with foreign countries in terms of product standardization, overall system design, reliability, manufacturing process, and testing methods.

The technology and performance of LED devices are constantly improving, and the development of electronic technology is changing with each passing day. This has brought a good foundation for the deepening and improvement of LED full-color screen products. At the same time, LED displays have been widely used in various fields of social life. The development of semiconductor lighting industry It will also bring good opportunities to the LED display industry. Therefore, the development prospect of the LED display market is optimistic. Deepening the connotation of technology, enriching the product system, diversifying products, and highlighting the advantages of leading products will be an important trend in the development of LED full-color screen industry in Chengdu, Sichuan. .

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