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With the call of the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy and the promotion of "low carbon economy", slogans such as "green", "energy saving" and "environmental protection" have deeply penetrated into all walks of life. As one of the leading industries in environmental protection and energy saving, LED research and improvement in energy saving is particularly important. In addition to the improvement of performance, reliability and function of LED display, high-end LED display products should respond to the environment of energy saving, emission reduction and green environmental protection, and push the energy saving of LED to a new height. In the competition of LED display products in the future, energy-saving indicators will inevitably become an important performance requirement and even become an indispensable quality standard for high-end LED displays. In order to save energy and reduce consumption of LED display screens, we should pay attention to a few points. Optimize the heat dissipation design and remove the auxiliary heat dissipation facilities. First of all, what we want to remove is the auxiliary cooling system. However, if the auxiliary heat dissipation system is removed, the heat of the display itself cannot be dissipated, and the heat accumulation in the cabinet will lead to a sharp shortening of the life of the display. In the summer when the sun is directly exposed to the sun, the display may fail due to high temperature damage. This is not true. the result we want. Therefore, while removing the auxiliary heat dissipation, we must ensure that the temperature rise of the product does not exceed the standard, and we must adopt excellent heat dissipation design and good sun protection measures. In this regard, a better solution is to break the closed box structure of the traditional box, break up the products, handle the heat-generating parts separately, increase the heat dissipation area, and dissipate heat through natural ventilation. At the same time, do a good job of sun isolation and sun protection measures, and reduce the temperature of the display part as much as possible. The LED light strip screen series to be launched by United Huiye Technology is an application example of an energy-saving display. The brightness of this type of product has reached as high as 6,000cd/m2. It is a representative project of outdoor energy-saving LED displays. This product is energy-saving in design. There are several features: (1) Under the requirement of ultra-high brightness outdoors, the ventilated design is boldly carried out, which meets the heat dissipation requirements of the light bar itself, and the auxiliary heat dissipation facilities are removed; (2) Through a certain downward angle, the maximum LED The best viewing angle is at the best advertising viewing position, and the LED light energy is used to the maximum extent. During use, it can be adjusted to a brightness value smaller than that of the cabinet screen under the same conditions, and its ultra-high brightness design It can provide the product with longer life light attenuation compensation; (3) The temperature of the product is greatly reduced by using a special heat insulation technology, which further ensures that the temperature rise of the product is within the standard range. It can be seen from the above that breaking the conventional expansion ideas and optimizing the layout is an important means for us to further improve the performance of LED displays. .

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