New orientation of LED advertising screen energy saving


LED advertising screen is a new energy-saving guide. LED advertising screen is a large electronic device. The advertising screen consumes a lot of current every minute it is turned on, so the energy-saving LED advertising screen solution came into being. At present, many LED advertising screen manufacturers in the industry have been involved in the research and development and production process of energy saving and emission reduction. At present, some energy-saving LED advertising screens on the market mainly improve the energy-saving effect by improving the power supply, which has attracted the attention of many consumers and given them quite high expectations.

"Energy saving and emission reduction" means saving energy and reducing energy consumption. As one of the important components in the manufacturing industry, "energy saving" in the LED advertising screen industry is also a topic that LED advertising screen manufacturers have been paying attention to. So, in addition to saving energy from the power supply of LED advertising screens, what other ways can better realize energy saving of LED advertising screens? This way of starting from the power supply, one is to directly use half-bridge or full-bridge high-efficiency switching power supply on the existing LED advertising screen, coupled with synchronous rectification, the energy-saving effect is remarkable; the other is to drive the IC in the state of constant current Reduce the power supply voltage as much as possible, and achieve better energy-saving effect through separate power supply for the red, green and blue dies.

Of course, the application cost of this non-standard voltage power supply and new technology will inevitably rise. From the perspective of the screen driver IC, energy saving is not obvious, and reducing the driving constant current pressure difference will also bring new problems including cost. Some IC manufacturers promote and drive energy-saving design, which is nothing more than a sales strategy.

Compared with other traditional advertising methods, LED advertising screen has its own "halo" of energy saving and environmental protection---LED advertising screen has the function of self-adjustment of brightness. Therefore, another aspect is to achieve the purpose of energy saving by adjusting the brightness of LED advertising screen. . However, in view of the fact that the luminescent material of the LED advertising screen itself is energy-saving and natural, but in the actual application process, the display area is usually a large occasion, and the power consumption of long-term operation and high-brightness playback cannot be underestimated. . In the application of outdoor LED advertising screens, in addition to bearing the costs associated with the LED advertising screen itself, the advertising owner will also have a geometric increase in electricity costs with the use of the equipment.

Therefore, only the improvement of the technical level can solve the problem of greater energy saving of the product from the root. The luminescent material used in the LED advertising screen itself is an energy-saving product. However, due to the large area and high brightness of outdoor LED advertising screens, the power consumption is still relatively large.

But for outdoor LED advertising screens, due to the great changes in the ambient brightness during the day and night, the brightness of the LED advertising screen needs to be reduced at night, so the brightness self-adjustment function is very necessary. .

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