Outdoor LED electronic large screen sells well in the capital of Egypt


The total installation area of ​​the LED electronic large screen project in Cairo Shopping Center in Egypt is 500 square meters. It is used for advertising in the entire shopping center. The entire LED large screen of the project is ring-shaped and stands above the shopping center. It can be viewed from far and near. The visual shock is self-evident. Metaphor. In such a luxurious and comfortable city, shopping centers are naturally indispensable. The United Huiye Land Mark project is located in a shopping center. The project uses the United Huiye outdoor LED large screen-outdoor advertising series P8. The biggest feature of this outdoor screen is its mute , The 120-degree viewing angle can effectively eliminate the mosaic phenomenon. It uses a flexible mask and has no glare on the surface. It is one of the most mature LED electronic large screens for outdoor installation in the United Huiye product line. New Cairo is a newly built satellite city of Cairo, the capital of Egypt. It is located in the desert and is home to many universities, including the German University of Cairo, Future University, and Canadian International College. New Cairo is very close to Cairo, 250m to 350m above sea level, but it is a beautiful city different from Cairo, with luxurious and beautiful villas and beautiful apartments, which are specially built for young people who work here , less the hustle and bustle of big cities, and more comfort in small towns. The favorite sport of residents living here is golf, which can not only exercise their bodies, but also cultivate their sentiments. The LED full-color large screen of the Land Mark project not only adds vitality to the shopping center, but also brings tangible economic benefits to the merchants. It is reported that nearly 10 projects have been signed in less than two months after the acceptance of the Land Mark LED electronic screen project. insertion orders. Lianhe Huiye is a professional service provider of LED electronic large screen solutions, and has been studying in the LED industry for more than 10 years. As a professional R&D and manufacturing enterprise of LED electronic large screens, the LED electronic large screen products developed by United Huiye include stage rental screens, indoor/outdoor fixed screens, small-pitch screens, stadium screens, window screens, etc. The products are sold to 130 Widely acclaimed in many countries. .

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