Outdoor small-pitch LED electronic screen will be launched soon


"Outdoor small-pitch LED electronic screens are about to be launched" Recently, indoor small-pitch LED electronic screens have been heated up, and outdoor small-pitch LED electronic screens will also be on the market stage. Nationstar Optoelectronics outdoor series 0606 SMD lamp beads are already in the final stage In the testing stage, it should be applied to outdoor small-pitch LED electronic screens soon, and the pixels of outdoor LED screens will be more delicate, which is good news for small stores. Nationstar Optoelectronics is a leading domestic manufacturer of small-pitch LED packaging, benefiting from the general trend of industry development. Compared with competitors, NationStar’s small-pitch LED electronic screen has technical advantages (0606 is in development, 0808 mass production), price advantage (about 10% cheaper than Taiwanese competitors), and process advantage (long-term cooperation with small-pitch LED electronic screen companies with high quality LED electronic screens) Experience), is the leader in small-pitch LED electronic screen packaging in China, with a global market share of 20%+.

The relationship between supply and demand in the LED industry has improved, and Nationstar Optoelectronics has the courage to raise prices and maintain a good profit margin. Following the 10% increase in the price of the company's colored light beads in Q3 last year, the price of Nationstar's white light products increased by 5%-20% on December 1 last year. The main reason for Nationstar to adjust the price of white light beads is that the supply chain prices of LED chips, brackets, and packaging materials continue to rise.

But the bigger reason we see is an improvement in the relationship between supply and demand in the LED packaging industry. 1. Small and medium-sized packaging manufacturers have withdrawn from the market due to cost and price pressures; 2. On the demand side, the forced withdrawal policy of incandescent lamps + the market for small-pitch LED electronic screens is hot, and the demand for LEDs continues to be hot. The supply and demand relationship in the midstream of LED electronic screens reversed. Driven by the continuous rise in raw material costs and prices, LED packaging factories dared to increase prices, and this year may continue. The 10% price increase after Mulinsen is an example.

Recently, National Star Optoelectronics, an LED electronic screen packaging company, released its 2016 performance bulletin, showing that in 2016, the company achieved revenue of 2.418 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31.54%; net profit of 193 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.62%. Among them, the revenue in the fourth quarter was 761 million, a year-on-year increase of 23% and a quarter-on-quarter increase of 22%; the single-quarter profit in the fourth quarter was 62.38 million, a year-on-year increase of 67% and a quarter-on-quarter increase of 72%, setting a record for the company's single-quarter profit. The company's future small-pitch planning: 1. Continuously enrich the product portfolio, accurately position the high-end market, and enrich the types of LED electronic screen products. For example, the outdoor 1921 package series launched is the world's smallest outdoor small-pitch LED electronic screen application lamp beads, filling the gap There is a gap in the field of high-definition display below P4 outdoors.

2. Actively expand production to meet the strong demand of the downstream small-pitch LED electronic screen industry. The company announced a 240 million expansion in May this year and a 400 million expansion in October, mainly investing in the expansion of small-pitch LED electronic screen production capacity. At the beginning of 2016, the company's small-pitch LED electronic screen packaging production capacity was 300kk/month, and by the end of the year it had reached 1200kk/month, a four-fold increase in production, and the corresponding revenue is expected to be 600 million+. In 2017, we will continue to increase capital expenditure and invest in expanding production to meet the high growth of the market.

The gross profit margin of the company's small-pitch LED electronic screen packaging is significantly higher than that of other products, and the increase in the proportion of small-pitch packaging is conducive to the continued improvement of the company's profitability. The man proposed on the LED electronic screen in the Xiangjiang building to witness his love. On the evening of May 20 last year, Mr. Chai from Xiangtan displayed the LED electronic screen on the building by the Xiangjiang River and successfully proposed to his girlfriend who has been in love for 6 years. This is also a public welfare activity with the theme of "Fantawild 520, Help You Witness Love" specially launched by Zhuzhou Fantawild.

I learned that this is a public welfare event with the theme of "Fantawild 520, Help You Witness Love" launched by Zhuzhou Fantawild on the special day of 5.20, aiming to encourage young couples to express their love in a high-profile manner and boldly confess their love. Once launched, it has received the attention and support of the majority of netizens, and they have signed up to participate. The man confessed on the big screen at the railway station to celebrate his wife’s birthday. On the evening of November 4th, at the square of Changsha Railway Station, the LED electronic screen played Zou Gaofeng’s elaborate blessing video. Zou Gaofeng spent a romantic birthday with his wife Luo Fang.

This Changsha man is called Zou Gaofeng. The 4th was his wife Luo Fang's 30th birthday. At around 8:00 p.m., relatives and friends brought Luo Fang to the square of Changsha Railway Station. On the big screen, a 3-minute blessing video was being broadcast. Luo Fang, who had no knowledge of it before, was so moved cry. The price of roses on Valentine's Day has skyrocketed. It is understood that the price of roses has risen rapidly in these two days.

The price of ordinary domestic roses is about 3 yuan to 6 yuan per branch, but starting from February 10, the price of roses began to rise sharply, basically one price per day. The price of roses on Valentine’s Day this year is the highest in recent years. A rose of 30 yuan per branch is A+ grade of domestic roses, while the price of a single branch of imported roses on Valentine’s Day will exceed 100 yuan. From the lowest price of 99 yuan for three roses to 1880 yuan for a box of 19 imported colorful roses, there are a wide variety of roses.

Even such a high price increase still cannot submerge people's enthusiasm for the festival. In addition to sending roses, chocolates, and having candlelight dinners together, some trendy ways of expressing love are also sought after by young people. Among them, the most domineering one is the confession with scrolling subtitles on the LED electronic screen. Although the advertising cost is high, the way of declaring love to the world is very shocking. The large LED outdoor display screen has become a god assist for romantic Valentine’s Day confession. According to statistics, the success rate of marriage proposals using LED displays is as high as 99%. Netizens exclaimed: "LED electronic screens are a must-have tool for marriage proposals!".

Let's take a look at those enviable LED display big screen confessions! Tomorrow, the annual February 14 romantic Valentine's Day is coming. Are you guys ready for the high-energy dog-abuse love lore? ?Whether you're ready or not, roses have skyrocketed in price. Moreover, due to the tight supply of flowers in the flower market, this year’s Valentine’s Day roses are even more “extravagant”. The price of a single domestic A-grade rose in a physical flower shop has reached more than 30 yuan, and the price of a single imported rose has soared to 100 yuan. . The guy wrapped up a large screen in Jiefangbei to declare his success in marriage proposal. The man's name is Zhang Zixiang, 25 years old.

He said that he and his girlfriend Nian Caili have been in love for more than a year, and they used to be colleagues. "I want to propose to my lover on the special day of 520, and I want to live a good life with her for the rest of my life." Zhang Zixiang said that the big screen was packaged by him. Your love can last forever.

The guy rented a 2,000-square-meter LED screen to propose marriage to the little girls around Xiansha. At 8:00 last night, the mountain city under the night was beautiful. On the giant LED electronic screen on the outer wall of the Sheraton International Financial Center on Nanbin Road, a marriage proposal advertisement suddenly appeared: Sunny Sister, marry Cege... In Nanbin Park opposite the LED electronic screen, a man held flowers and knelt on one knee to propose to his beloved girlfriend. This scene made the people at the scene very excited, with applause and words of blessing. .

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