Pingdingshan Museum LED full-color screen equipment procurement bidding


Entrusted by Pingdingshan Museum, Henan Zhengda Tendering Service Co., Ltd. conducts public bidding for the procurement project of LED full-color screen equipment for Pingdingshan Museum. Potential bidders who meet the qualifications are welcome to sign up for bidding. 1. Project name and number: Project name: Pingdingshan Museum LED full-color screen equipment procurement project purchase number: PZC2017-195Bg-66095 2. Brief description of the bidding project: 3. Source of funds: financial funds, with a budget of 800,000 yuan 4. Registration and Information on the sale of bidding documents: 1. Time for registration and purchase of bidding documents: From February 9, 2017 to February 15, 2017, the deadline is 17:30 on February 15, 2017 (Beijing time). 2. How to sell and obtain bidding documents: The project implements online registration and online sales of bidding documents. Potential LED full-color screen bidding suppliers must first log in to the Pingdingshan City Public Resources Trading Network for "enterprise registration" before signing up, and go to Pingdingshan City Public Resources Trading The center handles CA digital certificates.

Potential bidding suppliers register and download bidding documents. You need to use the CA digital certificate to go through the "supplier login" entry of Pingdingshan Public Resources Trading Network for specific operations. Please check the bidder operation manual on the supplier login of Pingdingshan Public Resources Trading Network. 3. Price of bidding documents and payment method: RMB 500 per copy, non-refundable after sale; potential bidding suppliers must transfer the bidding document fee from the basic account: collection account number: 6013301012010093076 collection unit: Pingdingshan City Public Resources Trading Center to open an account Bank: Pingdingshan Bank Note: When potential LED full-color screen suppliers pay the bidding document fee, the bank transfer slip should indicate *** project bidding document fee, and submit the bank remittance receipt when the bid is opened, and fail to indicate and pay the bidding document fee according to the above requirements and submit the bank remittance receipt or pay the bidding document fee after the deadline for registration, the bidding documents will be rejected. V. Eligibility conditions for bidders: 1. Comply with the provisions of Article 22 of the "Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China": within the past three years after participating in government LED full-color screen procurement activities, there are no major illegal records and quality safety accidents in business activities ;With strong economic and technical strength, good reputation and after-sales service capabilities, good business reputation and sound financial accounting system, good records of paying taxes and social security funds according to law, and having LED full-color screens necessary to perform contracts Equipment and professional technical ability; 2. The bidder has independent legal personality, valid business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate (or three-in-one business license); 3. The bidder issues a splicing processor LED full-color screen The manufacturer's special authorization letter and after-sales service commitment letter for this project.

4. The bidder holds the inquiry certificate of no bribery crime record issued by the procuratorate's office crime prevention management department where the enterprise is located or where the project is located; 5. Consortium bids are not accepted for this project. 6. Announcement release media: This announcement is released simultaneously on "Henan Provincial Government Procurement Network", "Henan Provincial Public Resource Trading Public Service Platform", "Pingdingshan City Government Procurement Network", and "Pingdingshan City Public Resource Trading Network". 7. Submission of bidding documents 1. Deadline for submitting LED full-color screen bidding documents (bidding deadline): see bidding documents for details.

2. Place for submitting tender documents: Pingdingshan Public Resources Trading Center. 3. Bidding documents and tenderees that are delivered to the designated place after the deadline will not be accepted. 4. Bidders who have not downloaded the bidding documents through the Pingdingshan Public Resources Trading Network will reject their bidding documents with LED full-color screens.

8. Contact information for this bidding: Tenderee: Pingdingshan Museum Address: 140 meters west of the intersection of Chang’an Avenue and Huairen Road Contact: Ms. Jin Contact number: 13733786789 Agency: Henan Zhengda Tendering Service Co., Ltd. Address: Guangming, Pingdingshan City East Unit, 27th Floor, East Unit, Building 7, Jinyu Lanwan Road Contact: Ms. Miao Tel: 0375-3659997, 13938678867 .

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