Precautions for installing LED full-color screen


"Precautions for Installing LED Full-color Screens" There are many ways to install LED full-color screens. The installation methods are different in different environments. Indoor full-color LED screens are usually installed on the wall, and outdoor full-color LED screens can be hung on walls or columns. , beams, etc., we will professionally design CAD drawings according to the installation position of the LED full-color screen and give it to the customer, and the customer can weld according to the CAD drawing of the LED full-color screen. First of all, we need to conduct on-the-spot investigation according to the actual situation. Specifically, before installing the outdoor LED full-color screen, we should conduct a new and unified test for the specific environment, topography, luminous radiation range, brightness acceptance and other parameters. The smooth installation requires that before lifting and installing, a unified lifting plan must be implemented for the commanding personnel to ensure that the equipment can be used normally and stably. Different situations are treated differently, so as to adopt a more appropriate method.

Again, after the construction is completed, in order to achieve the best communication effect, we need to debug the luminous radiation range. Due to the different radiation ranges, the LED full-color screen construction angles are also different. Outdoor LED display should be carried out according to the field acceptance ability and everyone's usual viewing angle range. The full-color screen is fixed and installed to ensure that you can see normal, balanced brightness images and subtitle information from a distance from every angle. Only when the large viewing angle and appropriate brightness are matched can the benefits be maximized. If you want to use outdoor LED full-color screens well, installation and debugging are essential. For technical construction personnel, knowing the skills of outdoor construction and maintenance of LED full-color screens will effectively promote the promotion of business advertisements and information dissemination. It is also a must for technical construction personnel. Must be familiar with, specifically speaking, there are four links in the installation of outdoor full-color LED screens: field survey, equipment construction, installation, commissioning and use. Indoor P2 high-definition rental full-color screens. Secondly, after determining the specific plan according to the results of field surveys, we will start building LED equipment. When building some outdoor LED full-color screens, we must distinguish between wall LED full-color screens and hanging LED full-color screens. Color screen and roof type LED full color screen.

During the actual installation, according to the distance and height, the crane and the winch should be used for segmental hoisting, and at the same time, the above personnel should be ensured to cooperate with each other. There is a better installation and use process for the LED full-color screen for high-altitude operations. During the construction process, safety and refined operation are the first requirements. Finally, in order to deliver it smoothly, we need to carry out follow-up inspection and maintenance. Follow-up inspection includes many areas, such as LED full-color screen waterproof, heat dissipation layer, LED display waterproof coating, full-color screen above the rain protection area, heat dissipation space on both sides, power supply Lines and so on, these basic parts and components constitute the entire graphic LED full-color screen with good stability.

Of course, the later technical maintenance is also very important. We need to carry out unified management and maintenance for these parts. When the product is rusted, unstable or damaged, it needs to be replaced in time to ensure the safe use of the entire full-color screen. .

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