Procurement project of outdoor P10 LED electronic screen in Linhai Industrial Park


Project name: Outdoor P10 LED electronic screen procurement project in Linhai Industrial Park Project number: FEGD-CT17594 Project contact information: Project contact person: Ms. Chen Project contact number: 0760-88713233-605 Guangdong Far East Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. Entrusted by Park Development Co., Ltd., according to the "Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China" and other relevant regulations, we are now conducting public bidding for the LED electronic screen-outdoor P10 procurement project in Linhai Industrial Park. Qualified suppliers are welcome to come to bid. Agency contact information: Agency: Guangdong Far East Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. Agency contact: Ms. Chen 0760-88713233-605 Agency address: Card 209, No. 3 Minke West Road, Shiqi District, Zhongshan City Contact information: Purchase unit Address: Zhongshan Torch Development Zone Linhai Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. Address: Zhongshan City Contact information: Mr. Luo 0760-28125866 1. The name, quantity, brief specification description or basic overview of the LED electronic screen procurement project: procurement project content and requirements: For detailed technical parameters, implementation standards and specifications of the product, please refer to the bidding document "User Requirements for LED Electronic Screen". 1. Delivery date: Delivery, installation, acceptance and delivery will be completed within 30 calendar days from the date of signing the contract; 2. Warranty period: LED electronic screens provide at least one year free door-to-door warranty service; procurement project budget amount: ¥ 597,265.48 yuan (capital: RMB 50,970,200, 40, 40, 8 cents), the maximum price limit of this project is 6% lower than the intermediary budget price, that is: ¥597,265.48 * 94%=¥561,429.55 (capital : RMB 50,600, 1000, 412, 50, 50, 50 cents) Bidders’ bidding prices must not exceed the limit price, otherwise it will be deemed invalid; the safe and civilized construction fee should not be less than: ¥12,966.40 (in capital letters: RMB 12,900 Lu X Lu Yuan 4 Jiao) Otherwise, it will be deemed as an invalid offer.

2. Time and place of sale of bidding documents, etc.: Budget amount: 597,265.48 million yuan (RMB) Time: 08:30, August 15, 2017 to 17:30, August 21, 2017 (except weekends and statutory holidays) Location: Card 209, No. 3, Minke West Road, Shiqi District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Far East Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. Price of bidding documents: ¥300.0 Yuan, the sum of the price of bidding documents included in this announcement How to obtain bidding documents: Bidding that meets the qualifications of LED electronic screens People should go to Guangdong Far East Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. (detailed address: No. 3, Minke West Road, Shiqi District, Zhongshan City 209) from August 15, 2017 to August 21, 2017 (office hours, except statutory holidays) card) to register and obtain bidding documents). 1. Registration method: on-site registration. It is necessary to bring the original and copy of business license or legal person (person in charge) certificate, the original and copy of tax registration certificate (except public institutions), the original and copy of organization code certificate (or three-in-one certificate), the identity of the purchaser The original and photocopies of the certificate (the above photocopies are all stamped with red official seals), and the originals will be inspected on site.

2. Location for obtaining bidding documents: Guangdong Far East Tendering Agency Co., Ltd., Room 209, No. 3 Minke West Road, Shiqi District, Zhongshan City. 3. The price of bidding documents is ¥300.00 (RMB: three hundred yuan), non-refundable after sale. 3. Qualification requirements for bidders: 1. LED electronic screen manufacturers meet the conditions stipulated in Article 22 of the "Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China"; A registered legal person, independent of the purchaser and the procurement agency; 3. Provide the original copy of the notification letter issued by the people's procuratorate of the place where the bidder resides or where the business takes place, no crime of bribery (no crime of bribery within 3 years before the date of announcement) File records, if the bidder has less than 3 years from the date of establishment, a file record of no bribery crime will be issued from the date of establishment to the date of announcement.

The validity period of the inquiry result notification letter of no bribery crime file is valid within 2 months from the date of issuance, the bid opening time must be within the validity period, and the copy is invalid. ] (the original is bound in the original bid document); 4. Supplier credit record inquiry (the deadline for inquiry is 1 day before the submission of the bid document), by the purchaser or procurement agency through the "Credit China" website (http://, the Chinese government network ( and the provincial government public credit information management system to which the supplier belongs to inquire about the credit records of relevant suppliers. Provide the credit records of suppliers to the review site; if the people's court is included in the list of dishonest persons subject to enforcement, parties to major tax violation cases, government procurement records of serious illegal and dishonest behaviors, and other conditions that do not meet the prescribed conditions, it will be an invalid bidding document; For institutional bidding, neither the bidding branch nor its head office can meet the above conditions, otherwise the bidding documents will be invalid. 5. You must go to the procurement agency to purchase the bidding documents; 6. This project does not accept joint bids.

4. Bidding deadline: 09:30, September 5, 2017 5. Bid opening time: 09:30, September 5, 2017 6. Bid opening location: Card 209, No. 3 Minke West Road, Shiqi District, Zhongshan City (Guangdong Far East Bidding Agency Co., Ltd.) 7. Other supplementary matters The bidding deposit is ¥10,000.00 (RMB: 10,000 yuan), and the deposit must be remitted from the bidder’s account and arrive at the following account before 17:30 on August 24, 2017. (Based on the time when the bank arrives at the bank, bids not submitted in accordance with the above provisions shall be treated as invalid) Account name: Zhongshan Branch of Guangdong Far East Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. Account Bank: Huangpu Sub-branch, Zhongshan Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd. Account Number: 2011027819025123872 Eight , Government procurement policies that need to be implemented for LED electronic screen procurement projects: see the bidding documents for details .

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