Profitability of LED screen packaging companies is gradually improving


The profits of LED screen packaging companies are gradually improving. As the middle reaches of the industrial chain, LED screen packaging companies all determine the quality of finished products and industry leadership. In the cruel market structure, it is necessary to coordinate the stable supply of upstream chips, and downstream LED screen manufacturers must continue to channel Support, under the trend of quality stability and small LED screen spacing, the packaging process has been greatly innovated. Since its establishment, National Star has always attached great importance to product research and development and technological innovation. It has achieved a series of technical achievements in the field of LED screen packaging and application, and has the ability to solve a complete set of solutions for LED screen packaging and application products. The company has successively undertaken scientific research projects such as major science and technology special plan projects in Guangdong Province and Guangdong Province industry-university-research integration projects.

On April 28, Nationstar released its first quarterly report for 2017. During the reporting period, the company realized operating income of 1.536 billion yuan, an increase of 87.36% over the same period of the previous year; realized a net profit of 133 million yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies, an increase of 1.33 billion yuan over the previous year. An increase of 162.70% over the same period of the year. At present, the advantages of National Star in technology research and development are also reflected in the innovation of production process. On the basis of traditional LED screen packaging process, the company has carried out a number of innovations in product machinery and equipment, raw material supply, production process technology, etc., such as Customized automatic die bonding machine, wire bonding machine and sealing machine and other equipment from ASM, a world-renowned LED screen packaging equipment supplier. The "gold wire to copper wire welding technology" independently developed in the production process, because the price of copper is lower than gold, and has better electrical and thermal conductivity, greatly reduces the cost of the product.

National Star has been focusing on the R&D, design and production of LED screen packaging and application products, and is an earlier domestic supplier of LED screen packaging and application products. The company's current products cover three categories: SMD LED screens, Lamp LED screens and LED screen application products (LED screen lighting and others). In the supply of raw material glue, the self-developed high flame retardant and anti-ultraviolet epoxy resin preparation technology enhances the flame retardant performance and anti-ultraviolet function of LED screen packaging products, effectively improves the safety of products, and makes the company become the first in the same industry in China The first batch of enterprises to obtain the certification qualification of the American UL industry association has enhanced the international competitiveness of the company's products.

The downstream application market of LED screens is vast. The company's LED screen packaging products are widely used in household electronic products, lighting, landscape lighting, traffic signals, flat panel displays, and lighting engineering. The company's downstream application customer base covers different LED screen application sub-sectors. The rich product series will help the company meet the product needs of customers at different levels, reach cooperation with customers, increase market share, reduce repeated investment in market development, promote effective integration of marketing resources, realize cross-expansion of product markets, and improve The company's market competitiveness. It is understood that Nationstar is now a company with a relatively developed and complete marketing service network in the domestic LED screen packaging and application industry, and its sales network basically covers the whole country.

In 2016, with the continuous advancement of LED screen technology and the gradual expansion of downstream applications, especially the rapid development of the LED screen lighting market, the entire LED screen industry has accelerated growth momentum. Technology upgrades, cost reductions, power consumption reductions, and industrial policy promotions will accelerate the popularization of LED screens and drive the overall development of the LED screen industry chain. For a long time, National Star has paid attention to the construction of marketing channels and insisted on building diversified sales channels.

The first is to strengthen the radiation of direct sales outlets. At present, the company has more than 50 subsidiaries in major large and medium-sized cities across the country, responsible for sales expansion and customer maintenance in the local and surrounding markets; In the face of the customer resource advantage of the terminal market. Undoubtedly, the huge LED screen application market provides a broad development space for the production of epitaxial wafers and chips in the middle and upstream, and the production of downstream packaging devices. It is worth mentioning that in 2016, National Star achieved operating income of 5,520.5 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 42.22%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 473.46 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 85.27%.

Nationstar continues to expand the company's sales channels through continuous extension to the upstream and downstream of the LED screen industry chain, through the integration of the industry chain, and at the same time cooperating with well-known foreign companies. Introduce excellent management talents, improve the training of talents, consolidate the company's core competitive advantages, promote the continuous development of the company's business scale, and further consolidate its leading position in the industry. .

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