Reasons why LED transparent screens are widely used


LED transparent screen feature 1: high transparency, transparency is an important feature of led screens, the transparency is between 50-95%, the perspective effect makes the glass retain the effect of light perspective, and the existence of the led screen is almost invisible from a distance, making the glass The light on the curtain wall and window display is not affected. Of course, the higher the transparency, the higher the price. You can choose the one that suits you, and you don’t need to look for more expensive ones. LED transparent screen feature 2: lightweight, led screen is different from conventional LED display, it takes up less space in the room, lighter in weight, the thickness of the led screen is only about 10 mm, and the led screen is generally used in combination with glass, which hardly occupies the room Space, and not as heavy as conventional LED displays. The net weight of the led screen is only 14kg/㎡, so it is not difficult to install it on the glass wall.

LED transparent screen feature 3: Easy to install, because the LED screen is lighter and thinner, so the installation is relatively simple and convenient, without the need to build a steel structure, which can save a lot of cost and can be installed quickly, which can greatly save raw material costs and labor costs. . Therefore, it is very popular! LED transparent screen characteristic 4: easy to maintain, led screen is relatively simple, easy to maintain and convenient, simple problems can be solved by yourself, avoiding manufacturers to solve on-site, can save time and money Labor costs. LED transparent screen feature 5: Green and environmental protection, the functional loss of the LED screen is much smaller than that of the conventional LED display, less than 280W/㎡, no need to increase the air conditioner to discharge heat, in addition, the functional loss of the glass curtain wall is not large, It is completely possible to use advertising economic benefits to offset power consumption, and it is also an expansion for traditional LED displays.

According to the above 5 characteristics of led screens, everyone will know where to use led screens. .

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