Selection of transparent screen raw materials and system procedures


1. Selection of transparent screen raw materials The important raw materials that affect the reliability of led transparent screens are LED lights, controller ICs, power supplies, power supply data signal RF connectors and excellent overall design. The best choice for led transparent screen materials is: well-known brands, which need to have relevant testing and multiple protection functions to meet the standards. For example, the selection requirements of switching power supply: over-temperature protection, AC input should be suitable for wide voltage, anti-surge.

The DC output should have overvoltage and overcurrent protection. At the same time, its overall design ensures good heat dissipation and quick assembly, while ensuring a novel and stylish appearance. 2. System control program Every part of the system control has a hot backup function, including video transmission and receiving equipment, signal transmission cables, etc.

It can ensure that when an unexpected situation occurs in a certain part of the system, the system can automatically detect and switch to the fastest speed. The equipment is reserved for work, and the overall conversion process does not affect the display characteristics of the website. 3. The working condition of the led transparent screen is detected by the real-time monitoring system on the computer, including temperature, ambient humidity, voltage, dense smoke, cooling fan working condition, etc., to show the location and alarm for abnormalities.

For example, when the cabinet has a relatively high internal temperature due to the working environment or other factors, the power supply in the cabinet may be overheated at any time and cannot be solved in real time. 4. Effectively ensure the playing time of the LED transparent screen. Everyone knows that the fully transparent LED display belongs to electronic equipment. Whether it is a person or an electronic device, it cannot work for too long. Once the working time is too long, the time will be long A series of problems inevitably arise. In addition, protection work such as natural ventilation, heat dissipation, and waterproofing should be strengthened.


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