Small-pitch LED electronic screen helps OPPO release new products


"Small-pitch LED electronic screens help OPPO launch new products" The competition in the mobile phone market is fierce. With the technical support of Lianhuiye, OPPO uses our small-pitch LED electronic screens for new product releases, which highlights the high-definition and color of mobile phones. Visual effect. At present, the development of small-pitch LED electronic screens is also very rapid, and there is a shortage of chips in the small-pitch LED electronic screen market in the first half of this year. Recognize heroes and value heroes! Use "Zhenpin" to show "boutique"! United Huiye Technology's "UA Small Pitch Series" LED electronic screen helped OPPO R11 meet millions of passengers at Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport, adding to the icing on the cake for its listing.

The "UA Small Pitch Series" LED electronic screen of United Huiye Technology, which escorted the release of OPPO R11, adopts a 16:9 golden display ratio, a thin and light cabinet, high-quality CNC die-casting, seamless splicing, and high-value appearance. At the same time, it has more high-end connotations, and it is a masterpiece among small-pitch electronic screens! It is understood that OPPO R11, as a premium mobile phone, has 20 million front and rear high-definition pixels, rear ultra-clear dual-camera, combined with Qualcomm's customized and optimized flagship image processor, to bring users a clearer camera experience. In hot June, the mobile phone industry ushered in another big drama! The well-known brand "OPPO" launched the latest mobile phone "OPPO R11" conference on Zhejiang Satellite TV at 8:30 pm on June 10. Before the press conference, in order to create momentum for the launch of "OPPO R11", OPPO launched a "hot" warm-up event at Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport.

Shenzhen United Huiye Technology Co., Ltd. was invited by OPPO to provide "UA Small Pitch Series" LED electronic screen, which perfectly displayed the extraordinary charm of "OPPO R11". Today, Lianhe Huiye's products are distributed in more than 400 cities in 34 provinces and autonomous regions in China, with thousands of customers, and with the United States, Germany, South Korea, Britain, Spain, Russia, Israel, India, Romania, Poland, Thailand, Companies from more than 90 countries including Italy have established good cooperative relations. With reliable quality, high-quality service and honest and realistic style, Lianhe Huiye Technology LED electronic screen has won praise from users from all walks of life. It has won praises from users from all walks of life. Major events and competitions at home and abroad, such as the Sydney Motor Speedway in Australia, have the presence of Lianhe Huiye.

For more than ten years, the service team of United Huiye has traveled almost all over the world, adhering to the corporate philosophy of "professionalism, teamwork, integrity, efficiency, and communication" to provide professional, caring, and thoughtful after-sales services to global customers. .

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