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1. Description of stage LED display screen of United Huiye Technology With the improvement of LED display system technology, the effects of LED display screen in stage background and special effects have been more and more favored and used by directors. With the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the 2011 Shenzhen Universiade, the 2011 Spring Festival Gala and other major events, the application of super-large-scale LED display special effects, the shocking effect of the big scene and the big picture make the actors on and off the stage integrate with the audience, making the audience physically Immersive. While shocking everyone, everyone is confused, how is such a perfect stage LED display special effect realized? 2. Functions of the stage LED display screen of United Huiye Technology 1. Live broadcasting, super large and clear game live broadcast screen, breaking the limitation of seats, making it easier to watch the performance from a distance, and giving an immersive audio-visual feast; 2. Wonderful scenes, slow-motion playback, close-up shots, and the creation of a special background environment maximize the artistic conception of the performance; 3. The perfect combination of realistic pictures and shocking music creates a magnificent and modern scene ;3. Features of the stage LED display of United Huiye Technology High resolution and high pixel density, which can truly reproduce high-definition images; High refresh rate and high gray scale, making the LED display more realistic and satisfying the high vision of commercial use Quality requirements, meet the needs of shooting in different occasions, and effectively avoid flickering when shooting; With a photosensitive control system, it can automatically adjust the brightness of the display screen according to changes in indoor and outdoor light, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and greatly reduces your operating costs , and make it easier for the audience to accept; With brightness and color point-by-point correction functions, the LED display picture is richer, meeting the high visual quality requirements for commercial use; and different batches of screens can be used mixedly; ★High-quality aviation-grade connectors: plugs and sockets for power and signal cables have high reliability, good connection continuity, high resistance to plugging and unplugging, convenient and quick plugging and unplugging; common parts, easy to identify and exchange; ★Ultra-thin and high-precision cabinet: 65mm, the die-casting aluminum box is finished by CNC, and its size tolerance is less than 0.2mm. With a special shading design, it ensures smooth and seamless splicing between the cabinets. Standardized design can be assembled arbitrarily. High-grade and beautiful; Exquisite hanging and side locking components: the interconnecting components of the cabinet have high strength, not easy to deform, accurate alignment, seamless splicing can be realized, easy to disassemble and assemble, and save labor costs; There is a set of low power consumption solutions for product launch The solution can make the display screen run with 1/3 energy saving compared with the original one, which further greatly reduces your running cost; Equipped with a professional audio and video processing system, which supports the processing of various signals on the stage, ensuring the quality from the signal processing, It makes it possible to play high-fidelity image signals and realize live broadcasting; Equipped with air boxes of various specifications, which is convenient for storage and transportation of the box, and plays a good role in protecting the LED display screen; Outdoor models are waterproof Good effect, with IP65 protection level, suitable for use in outdoor environments; According to customer requirements and site environment, tailor-made the most suitable LED display solution; 4. United Huiye Technology Stage LED Display Solution United Huiye The LED display screen of the science and technology stage can divide a screen into multiple video screens for broadcasting. The display screens can be used independently, in combination, and in any combination to play related large backgrounds. The large screen can be displayed in partitions according to performance needs, and can realize the repetition of graphics and texts. Plus, the background picture is played by a video signal processor or synthesized into the same picture, it can play close-ups of characters, it can be used for text scrolling, or interleaved playback, it can move the screen of the video screen horizontally, and it can also be raised and lowered to become text, personalized video screen, Brighten and beautify the stage background and stage ground, and meet other requirements required by the owner through software design and system control. Equipped with a professional audio and video processing system, it supports the processing of various signals on the stage, which ensures the quality of the signal processing and makes it possible to play high-fidelity image signals. Five, United Huiye technology stage LED display application places indoor and outdoor stage background LED display rental, concert LED display, large-scale events, large-scale opera houses, theaters, hotels, auditoriums, multi-functional halls, lecture halls, conference rooms, High-end entertainment venues, disco bars, nightclubs, karaoke private rooms, etc. 6. Features and advantages of stage screen solutions 1. Mainly used in high-end entertainment discotheques, large-scale singing and dancing parties, fashion conferences, and other event studios. 2. Applied to the digital stage of the film and television studio as the stage background, it is a multimedia LED display system that can present dynamic and illusory effects of scenes and colors. 3. The screen body is simple in design and strong in compatibility. It is not only easy to install and disassemble, but also has cost advantages. It is suitable for large-scale production of stage backgrounds. 4. High gray scale and high refresh rate: 12-bit data processing is adopted, and the high refresh rate makes the scene image displayed on the LED stage screen realistic and abstract, which can create a dreamy effect. 5. Equipped with a professional audio and video processing system, it supports the processing of various signals on the stage, which ensures the quality of the signal processing and makes it possible to play high-fidelity image signals. 6. It has a dual network cable hot backup function, and two computers can simultaneously Control a screen, when a computer has a problem, another computer will automatically take over to ensure the normal operation of the display. Program use equipment .

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