Stage rental LED display disassembly and installation saves time and effort


In recent years, with the continuous development of full-color LED display technology, it has been widely used by many users in the cultural media field. From New Year's Eve concerts to CCTV Spring Festival Gala, to the end of the Winter Olympics, LED displays have played an important role. The most important function produces advanced independent innovation. Today I want to talk about the difference between the LED rental screen for the performance stage and the traditional indoor and outdoor LED screen. 1. The shape design is different.

During the performance process, the LED electronic display screen has been tested by audiences such as on-site audiences and live broadcasts, and its shape design will be more innovative and bold compared with traditional indoor and outdoor LED screens. Large, the effect of playing the video screen should be very clear, and the screen appeal should be smooth and natural during the live broadcast process. Therefore, the general indoor air adopts P3 and P4 high-definition screens, and even more strictly, it will be applied to small intervals of P2. 5. P2, etc. P6 and P5 models are used outdoors. For traditional indoor and outdoor LED displays, due to long-distance viewing or low display requirements, P5 and P4 models are generally used indoors, and P10 is the most widely used outdoors, followed by P16. Second, the box is different.

For traditional outdoor LED displays, the cabinets are all waterproof and heavy in structure; while in the room, simple LED cabinets are used; for stage rental LED displays, the cabinets are often disassembled and moved, and die-cast aluminum cabinets are generally used. Three, the installation method is different. The disassembly and installation of the stage rental LED display saves time and effort. For example, after a tour is over, it can be disassembled and transported to another performance stage venue for construction.

The traditional indoor and outdoor LED display screens are generally installed in a mobile way. After the installation site is fixed, it will not be easily moved. Fourth, the maintenance method is different. When some failures occur in the rented LED screen, some parts can be repaired, and the damaged parts can be quickly replaced during the performance process to ensure the normal progress of the performance.

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