Structure Analysis of Front Maintenance LED Display


There are many ways to install the LED display. Some occasions are suitable for wrapping around the steel structure, and some occasions are only suitable for wall installation. If you can only install it on the wall, maintenance is a headache. Maintenance is defined as a pre-maintenance structure. Below we will share how United Huiye Technology helps customers solve problems in the actual encounter process. The front-maintenance LED display is a structural method for the installed LED display in a special environment, which cannot be maintained from the back of the LED display, but can only be maintained from the front. There are three ways to maintain the LED display screen before: 1. Magnetic suction structure: The LED module is fixed by the magnetic characteristics of the magnet and the magnetic adsorption of the LED display cabinet, and the front maintenance is carried out so that the structure of the LED display module is separated from the LED display cabinet. Compared with the module structure in which screws need to be removed in the prior art, the disassembly is simpler and more convenient, and the damage to the module components is minimized to ensure the integrity of the module structure. 2. LED module structure: Design screw holes on the front of the LED module, and the screws are directly locked on the box from the front of the module. Now outdoor front-maintenance LED displays are used more and more, because the biggest highlight of front-maintenance LED displays is: no need to reserve maintenance channels, save the thickness of the entire screen, facilitate maintenance, and reduce maintenance costs. Maintenance personnel only need to use a small The disassembly task can be easily completed with a special hexagonal wrench, and it is also very convenient for outdoor construction and installation. The most important thing is that it is waterproof, so it is loved by more and more customers. 3. Front clamshell structure: The front clamshell structure is the result of optimizing and redesigning the original box structure for the LED display box. As long as it is divided into two parts, the front cover and the back cover, the front cover is used to fix the module, and the back cover is fixed to the wall. The front cover and the back cover are fixed by hinges, which is simply understood as the style of a flip phone. .

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