?The amount of outdoor LED display is immeasurable


The amount of outdoor LED display is immeasurable. Outdoor LED display is still the most conventional device for outdoor display. It has completely replaced traditional display media such as outdoor inkjet advertisements and banners. most notably. Now LED displays have covered most cities and regions in the world, and Shenzhen LED display manufacturers can account for more than 70% of the global production. The brightness standard of the outdoor LED display industry is that it needs to reach 1500cd/M2 (hereinafter referred to as cd) in an unobstructed skylight environment before it can be called an outdoor display.

Recently, a German professional digital signage consulting organization played a group of evaluations on outdoor displays. Through the comparison effect of a group of monitors from 450cd to 3000cd, it can be intuitively felt that the display effect of only 1500cd brightness under daylight conditions is not satisfactory. This means that the display brightness of only 1500cd will cause the attenuation and loss of visual information transmission, and cannot achieve the effect of attracting attention.

However, the brightness of Shenzhen Lianhuiye LED series outdoor display screens can reach as high as 8000-10000cd, which is more than 5 times higher than the industry standard. Traditional community advertisements still use advertising light boxes as the medium. It takes a long time to change the light cloth once to change the picture, and wastes a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. At the same time, the playback effect of the light box is not so obvious.

However, the application of outdoor LED display will make the previous disadvantages no longer exist. The details can be reflected in the following aspects: First, the outdoor LED display is an electronic display structure, which can play pictures, videos and other external content by reading the contents of the memory. At the same time, it can also be remotely monitored, directly Control the playback content of the LED display in the community. This can not only solve the difficult problem of changing the screen of the light board, but also make the advertising content intelligently high-definition. The high-definition picture quality and brilliant colors can attract the attention of the masses, and then more quickly and effectively make product information deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Secondly, the outdoor LED display has the advantages of strong pertinence, high arrival rate, compulsive viewing, high coverage of the community, low-carbon environmental protection, etc. Visual enjoyment, this is the charm of outdoor LED display! Finally, the content of the advertisement can be changed at any time to ensure the timeliness of the advertisement. Moreover, the outdoor LED display can play for a long time, and the maintenance cost is relatively low. As a screen display technology, "anti-glare" has been widely used in daily life such as mobile phones, tablets and monitors.

But for outdoor LED displays, if you don't want to become a "public full-length mirror", you need a higher anti-glare index. Especially when it is used in the information display scene of the transportation industry, if there are situations such as unclear display or strong light refraction, it will bring great hidden dangers to road safety. Samsung's outdoor LED display can effectively enhance the visibility of the picture and increase the specular reflection of the screen through the unique technology, by enhancing the picture contrast and Samsung's exclusive patented anti-reflection film.

At the same time, the Samsung outdoor LED display is not only "anti-glare", but also "anti-polarization". Through the application of circular polarization technology, it solves the problem of "display blind area" that occurs when the traditional liquid crystal display is viewed with polarized sunglasses, and provides a more one-sided guarantee for driving safety on the road. Whether in terms of hardware facilities or software configuration, outdoor LED display screens have developed by leaps and bounds, and have gradually become a new favorite of outdoor media! At the same time, many advertisers have begun to target the fertile soil of high-end residential areas in terms of product promotion. Opportunities for development, the quiet community began to become full of commercial atmosphere and cultural atmosphere, Yunnan outdoor LED display is developing strongly due to the dominant position of tourism.


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