The application of interactive LED display in scenic spots has considerable benefits


In the past two years, the city's surrounding tourism market has ushered in rapid development, which has also led to the rapid rise of interactive LED displays. We often see interactive LED displays installed on glass suspension bridges in WeChat circles. The footprints of the steps will touch the sensing device of the LED display screen, so that the broken glass or various thrilling pictures will be produced. The rise of the interactive LED display on the glass suspension bridge has caused major scenic spots to follow suit, so how to use the interactive LED display on the glass walkway, let’s take a look at it together: Since the glass walkway is used outdoors on the mountain or on the edge of the cliff, using interactive LED The display screen will be more matching, and will not affect the glass plank road, and tourists rarely travel in bad weather, so the brightness of the interactive LED display screen must be sufficient, requiring at least 5500cd or more. Otherwise, when the sun comes out, the display effect will not be real, and there is a toughened glass on the interactive LED display.

Usually, the most common special effect of broken glass is the special effect of broken glass. This effect is very simple to realize. The broken glass under the tempered glass is not only a piece of glass, but also a transparent interactive LED display. Technically, it needs to use the developed sensor radar and cooperate with special Software, when a person walks into the sensing area, the radar sends out a command, and the special effect is triggered, playing the picture of broken glass and audio special effect. And this special effect must give people a sense of suddenness, that is to say, what you see in the distance is a picture similar to the bottom of the glass plank road, and you can’t see any difference from other glass plank roads on the side. In this area, the special effects of broken glass came out, giving people a sense of shock that was caught off guard. To sum up, the shattering effect of the glass suspension bridge is a new technology that perfectly combines the interactive LED display and radar, adding more fun to life.


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