The brightness of the LED screen can meet the requirements


"How much can the brightness of the LED screen meet the requirements?" There are many types of LED screens, which can be classified according to category or function. According to the category, it can be divided into outdoor full-color LED screen, indoor full-color LED screen, outdoor two-color LED screen, indoor two-color LED screen, outdoor single-color LED screen, and indoor single-color LED screen. It is very simple to classify according to function, full-color video LED screen, single and double-color subtitle LED screen. In fact, the brightness requirements are mainly defined according to the external illuminance. The greater the illuminance, the higher the brightness, and the smaller the illuminance, the brightness is not necessarily so high. Not many customers understand that the higher the brightness, the better. There is also a great relationship between brightness and current. The higher the current, the higher the brightness. However, when the current is high and the load on the chip increases, the light decay of the lamp bead will be serious and the life will be short, just like a person. Normally he can lift a weight of 80 kilograms. Give him an object of 100 kilograms, and he can lift it instantly, but the time will not be very long. Therefore, the current should be within the normal load range of the LED lamp bead, and the service life can reach the ideal value. Generally, outdoor full-color LED screens facing north and south can meet the brightness requirements above 6500CD, facing south can meet the brightness requirements of 5000CD, outdoor single-color LED subtitle screens can meet brightness requirements of 1500CD, and indoor full-color LED screens can meet brightness requirements of 1200CD , The brightness of the indoor monochrome LED screen can be satisfied at 280CD. As long as you follow this standard, brightness should not be a problem. Customers can choose suitable products according to their actual needs, and some non-standard products can be proposed by customers, and we can customize them. United Huiye Technology is the most competitive LED screen manufacturer in Shenzhen, welcome to consult. .

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