The construction process of LED large screen should be fully in place


The construction process of the LED large screen should be fully in place. The installation of the LED large screen can be said to be an extremely professional issue. First, the location of the installation must be considered. The viewing angle should be in front of the audience and should not be squinted. To calculate what kind of LED large screen is the most suitable specification, safety factors must be considered in the structural part, and the material design requirements of the CAD drawings of the LED large screen cannot be lowered. Edge wrapping and waterproofing are also particularly important. Many LED screens often fail due to water leakage. . With the continuous development of the economy, LED large screens are widely used in building curtain walls, building tops, outdoor advertising and other scenes. Due to the different building exterior shapes and installation wall locations, LED large screen manufacturers usually need to adapt to local conditions in combination with the site environment to achieve better display effects on the premise of not affecting the appearance of the building.

So what are the problems that need to be paid attention to during the implementation of LED large screens? Next, I will briefly talk to you about the common sense of installation and construction of outdoor large LED large screens. Shenzhen LED large screen should keep in touch with the construction unit at any time during construction, and keep abreast of the progress of the LED large screen installation. If the distance allows, you should try to go to the construction site to inspect, so as to avoid problems when the construction is different from the plan, and timely adjustments can be made to ensure that The large LED screen on the building can be successfully installed. For installation on the wall of the building, when the LED large screen manufacturer designs the structural construction drawings in the early stage, the structure type and size of the building and its roots, and the location of the LED large screen should be explained in detail, and analyzed and confirmed, in order to Guarantee its good running performance.

Common sense for selecting the installation location of LED large screens in buildings 1. To ensure stable performance of LED large screens and safe installation and operation. 2. The location where the large LED screen is installed in the building should avoid the display area being blocked by other buildings or trees, so as not to affect people's visual viewing effect; 3. Detect the quality of the wall where the large LED screen is installed in the building, and survey the building wall Whether the surface can bear the weight of the LED large screen structure; .

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