The cost of LED display is composed of these aspects


The cost of LED display screens is composed of these aspects. LED display screens are mainly composed of LED display screens, control systems, computers, video processors, distribution boxes, steel structures, cables and wiring, transportation, installation fees, etc. LED display screen body: The core components are LED modules, LED power supplies, LED cabinets, power cables, data cables, etc. The prices of components of different materials are slightly different. Control system: At present, the main LED control system used in the market is synchronous control, that is, the computer directly controls the LED display screen in real time through the network cable. This solution has the lowest cost. In addition, there are 4G wireless control, WIFI control, offline control, etc., Different control methods have different components, and the prices are naturally different.

Video processor: The video processor is an LED display that can seamlessly switch various signals from different video sources such as digital TV, video camera, DVD, etc. in order to play external signals. In addition, it can also optimize the display quality, multi-image segmentation and other practical functions. There are also many types of video processors, which should be matched according to the pixel size and functional requirements of the LED display screen. Distribution box: The distribution box is one of the necessary components of the LED display screen. Because the power of the LED display screen is relatively large, the LED display screen must be shunted and controlled by a dedicated power distribution box to avoid excessive instantaneous current. The LED screen is on fire. In addition, the LED distribution box also has short-circuit, open circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, smoke and other fault power-off measures. The size of the distribution box should be determined according to the actual area and power of the LED display screen.

Steel structure: There are many types of steel structures for LED displays. For example, there is a big difference between indoor steel structures and outdoor steel structures, and the materials are also quite different. It is very thin and does not need waterproof treatment, while the outdoor LED display structure needs to have maintenance channels. The thickness of the entire screen must be at least 0.6 meters thick, and waterproof treatment is required for the top, bottom, left, and right sides. There are many installation methods for outdoor steel structures, the most common ones are wall installation, column installation, unconventional ones include hoisting, bridge installation and so on. Cable and wiring: The cable should be matched according to the actual power of the LED display. The wiring is to introduce 380V high-voltage direct current into the LED display power distribution cabinet, and then reasonably distribute it to the LED display screen through the power distribution cabinet.

Installation: Party A usually finds someone locally for installation, and we send technicians to provide on-site technical guidance for the LED display. If you need our full package, you can refer to the actual labor cost + transportation + board and lodging accounting. .

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