The development of led display P10


The speed of the development of LED electronic device display to a smaller pitch is very fast. The indoor small pitch LED display has already reached the P0.X period, and the outdoor small pitch LED display has also entered the P2.X period. The development speed of the outdoor display is relatively slow, but it has been developing, and the product specifications of the outdoor display are constantly being updated. Today's outdoor display screens have a large spacing already started with P10, many customers are worried whether the LED display P10 will be eliminated, and will there be no spare parts after it is produced? The answer given to us by United Huiye Technology is that the led display P10 will not be eliminated. This is mainly analyzed from the following aspects: 1. From the perspective of market development: outdoor LED display screens generally have a relatively large area when they are manufactured. When used in large-scale outdoor display screens, the P10 outdoor LED display screen is due to its extremely high The high cost performance is still chosen by many people, and there is still a certain market. There must be some reason for its existence. Since there are reasons for its existence, it must exist.

2 Product development: There are two reasons for the relatively slow development of outdoor small-pitch LED displays, one is technical reasons, and the other is cost reasons. Outdoor LED display not only needs LED light-emitting tubes to be used in outdoor environments, but also requires strong protection capabilities, which brings great difficulties to the development of outdoor LED displays. The second is that the cost is astonishing and the price is astonishing, and many people are discouraged. In such a market, display manufacturers are not willing to spend huge R&D expenditures on product development.

This is why the development of outdoor LED full-color screens lags behind indoor LED full-color screens in the development of small spacing. From the above, it can be seen that LED display P10 is not easy to be eliminated in at least three to five years. .

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