The difference between indoor LED display and outdoor LED screen


Indoor LED displays are mainly used in indoor environments, while outdoor LED displays are installed in outdoor environments. The most essential difference is that the working environment of indoor LED displays is relatively less complicated, while outdoor LED displays must meet the needs of brightness, the most important The most important thing is to be waterproof, but also to withstand the sun's exposure. Although the indoor LED display is installed in the indoor environment, it is usually viewed at a close distance. Therefore, the resolution requirements for the LED screen are relatively high, which can meet the characteristics of being close and clear. In addition, the indoor LED display usually does not have a large area. Large, limited by the space of indoor buildings, the height is usually within 3 meters, and the width can be more than ten meters or about 6 meters, so we recommend that the height is greater than 3 meters to choose P3 or P4 specifications, and the height is greater than 2.5 meters. You can choose P2.5 or P3 specifications. If the height is about 2 meters, it is recommended to choose P2 or P2.5. If the area is about 1.5 meters, it is recommended to choose small-pitch LED display screens. The optional specifications are P1.875 , P1.667, P1.5625, P1.25 and so on. The installation space of outdoor LED screens is much wider. The large ones can reach thousands of square meters, and the smaller LED displays also have tens of square meters. Outdoor LED displays are usually viewed from a long distance, so there is no requirement for pixel spacing. High, but the brightness requirements are relatively high, and waterproof and ventilation must be done well, otherwise the stability of the display will be affected, such as water ingress will cause short circuit of the LED module, power supply burnout, and the temperature will be too high if the cooling measures are not good It will cause heating of the wire, accelerated aging of components, increased chance of damage to LED lamp beads and ICs, and so on.


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