The difference between LED display and LCD display


LED display and LCD display are the two most widely used display products at present, so what is the difference between LED display and LCD display, and which screen is more suitable for which occasion, today we will talk about which one is used in practical applications The display is even better. There are many types of LED displays, which can be divided into indoor, outdoor, small-pitch products and other categories. The advantage of LED displays is that they can be infinitely seamlessly spliced. In theory, they can be made infinitely large, and the size given by the user can be made, and The size is very close, because the LED display is spliced ​​by countless small modules. At present, there are many applications in hotels, shopping malls, meeting rooms, and stages. LED displays have a particularly good advantage, that is, simple maintenance and low cost. Small LED modules can be replaced separately, and the light-emitting devices on the modules can also be repaired. Therefore, There will be no scrapping.

LCD screens are mainly used in indoor environments. Because they are not waterproof and have low brightness, they can only be used in indoor spaces. LCD screens are also widely used, such as computer monitors, mobile phone screens, TVs, security monitoring, and building advertisements. The display screen is characterized by high pixels, and a very small display screen can clearly display a lot of content. At present, the mainstream of small-size display screens is LCD screens. At present, small-pitch LED screens cannot shake the market of LCD screens. Therefore, the area For smaller displays, an LCD display is recommended. To sum up, we have come to the conclusion that LED displays are recommended for larger areas, and LCD displays are recommended for smaller areas. The size of the LED display can be flexibly and seamlessly spliced, with low maintenance cost and simple repair, and can adapt to various indoor and outdoor environments.

LCD screens are characterized by high pixels and can be viewed at close range. The two disadvantages of LCD screens are that if they are used for splicing, the stitching can never be solved. In addition, the display panel is faulty and can only be replaced but not repaired. .

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