The difference between the mobile LED full-color screen structure and the fixed series


The structure of the mobile LED full-color screen is different from that of the fixed series. At present, many weddings, banquet halls, and stages will install LED full-color screens to enhance the atmosphere of the scene. What kind of LED full-color screens are suitable for different needs? Today we focus on fixed installation and mobile rental LED full-color screens. The display effect of the color screen and the structure of the cabinet will be briefly explained in order to satisfy new customers for the choice of full-color LED screens. 1. Display effect The fixed LED full-color screens on the market only play a publicity role, and can play videos, pictures, and text screens. However, the mobile LED full-color screens have to accept the test of high-definition cameras and cameras. The display effect requirements are more stringent, so the configuration is higher. 2. Cabinet difference The structure of the fixed series LED full-color screen on the market is a simple waterproof cabinet, a waterproof cabinet with a back door, a magnetic suction structure, etc., as long as the LED full-color screen can be fixed.

At present, the mobile full-color LED display cabinet is a die-casting aluminum structure, which needs to be disassembled, built and transported frequently. Therefore, the structural design of the cabinet requires easy disassembly, light weight, and convenient transportation. Usually, die-casting aluminum cabinets are used. Production, light and thin structure, high stability, more convenient to install and disassemble at any time, suitable for holding concerts and stage performances. Simple waterproof box (above) Die-cast aluminum box (above) 3. Installation method As mentioned above, the mobile LED display box structure adopts a quick lock design, which is convenient and quick to disassemble and install. The frame design makes it more convenient to build. For example, after a concert is over, it can be disassembled and transported to another stage for erection, saving time and effort. The fixed indoor and outdoor LED full-color screens are usually installed in a fixed way. After the installation position is fixed, it will not be easily moved.

The above are the main differences between fixed LED full-color screens and mobile LED full-color screens, and because of these main differences, the two are quite different in product configuration and structural design, which also leads to a big difference in price between the two. In addition, the mobile LED full-color screen is light in weight, thin in structure, and has hoisting and quick installation functions, so as to meet the requirements of quick installation, disassembly, and handling required by rental occasions; Precisely and quickly set up and disassemble the screen, and can assemble different shapes to meet the requirements of the site; unique technology: the structural design optimized by the unique welding process, avoiding frequent handling caused by LED full-color screens or poor contact of solder joints of electronic products Fault scene and other conditions. .

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