The installation of outdoor LED advertising screens must meet the protection requirements


The installation of outdoor LED advertising screens must meet the protection requirements. Outdoor LED advertising screens have strict requirements on the level of protection, especially in rainy days. Water ingress is a particularly serious consequence. We have a set of standard procedures when installing outdoor LED advertising screens. First, the bottom must be flat , Secondly, when installing each row of LED advertising screen cabinets, it needs to be glued up, down, left, and right. Finally, the edges must be tightly wrapped to ensure that water seeps into the LED advertising screen body, causing serious consequences. If the LED advertising screen is used outdoors, it will face many challenges. LED advertising screens will be affected by severe weather such as high temperature, cold wave, strong wind, rain, etc. If these aspects are not done well, the safe operation of electronic screens will be impossible to talk about.

Today, the United Huiye Technology will tell you how to install outdoor LED advertising screens without water leakage. 1. Open the water leak: If the LED advertising screen and the back panel are closely combined, the water leak must be opened below; the so-called water leak is used for water leakage. No matter how tightly the front and back of the LED advertising screen are combined, there will still be more or less water in it all year round. If there is no leak hole at the lower mouth, the water will accumulate over time. It is also good for prolonging the service life of the LED advertising screen.

2. Add backboard and sealant: In order to save trouble, many friends do not add backboard or sealant to the backboard when installing outdoor LED advertising screens. After a long time, the electronic components will definitely enter the water, and over time the LED There will be problems with the advertising screen. The most feared thing for electronic components is water. Once water enters the circuit, it will definitely cause the circuit to be burned. These problems that can be solved easily must not be ignored. 3. Appropriate wiring: When installing the LED advertising screen, the plug wiring must choose the appropriate wire. Generally follow the principle of preferring large to small, that is, calculate the total wattage of the LED advertising screen, and choose a slightly larger wire. It is best not to Choose a wire that is just right or too small, which can easily cause the wire to burn out, thus affecting the safe operation of the LED advertising screen.

The above is how to install the LED advertising screen without water leakage summarized by Lianhe Huiye ( I hope it can be a reference for all friends when installing the display. .

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