?The latest LED large-screen magnetic suction cabinet is used in many occasions


There are many ways to install LED large screens. The most conventional installation methods are wall hanging, hoisting, column, inlaid installation, etc. There are no special requirements for the structure of conventional LED large screens. If you encounter special environments such as LED sky curtains and stage backgrounds There are special requirements such as light weight, quick replacement and maintenance, quick installation and disassembly, and light transportation to build a cabinet for a large LED screen. At this moment, the multi-functional magnetic LED cabinet has obvious characteristics and advantages. This magnetic LED large screen cabinet adopts nanotechnology, which is extremely light in weight, easy to maintain from the front, and quick to disassemble and assemble. It is suitable for various special-shaped installations, LED sky screen installations, hoisting and other places.

After the special-shaped LED large screen is installed on the steel structure, the LED box can be spliced ​​arbitrarily according to the structural shape. Because it is a magnetic structure, in the case of subsequent maintenance, it can be taken off immediately after disassembling a LED screen in 5 seconds, which greatly shortens the time. maintenance time. The installation of the large LED screen in the canopy is even more advantageous. The feature of the canopy is that the large LED screen is installed on the ceiling. There is a hard indicator that the weight must be light so as not to cause a large weight load on the ceiling steel structure, and To be able to maintain on the front of the LED large screen, due to the special structure of the sky, it is very difficult to maintain behind the LED screen, and personnel cannot move around flexibly. This new type of cabinet is also very suitable for hoisting and rental structure LED large screens. Light weight is a major feature. The hoisting structure can reduce the safety factors and labor caused by the weight, whether it is the weight load of the steel structure or during the installation process. physical exertion.

The LED large screen has been continuously improved for so many years, and the control technology, installation structure, and high-definition display have all brought great convenience and application value to people's lives. .

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