The LED advertising screen industry has a promising future


The LED advertising screen industry has a promising future. As a salesperson of an LED advertising screen manufacturer, we have come into contact with many engineering companies and end users. Many of them are engaged in the operation of LED advertising screens. After contacting, we found that the annual profitability of LED advertising screens is very impressive. , according to the current LED display price, basically 6 months can pay back, and the longest time is not more than one year. Below we analyze the investment and income of LED advertising screens, hoping to help you. From the perspective of investment, if we make a P8 outdoor LED advertising screen, the size is 8 meters wide and 6 meters high, and the area is 48 square meters. The unit price of the LED advertising screen per square meter is 2380 yuan, and the price of the LED screen is 114,200 yuan. The price of the whole set of control system is 5760 yuan, the price of distribution box is 3800 yuan, the total of steel structure and wrapping is 38400 yuan, the cable and wiring is 5000 yuan, the transportation is 4000 yuan (depending on the distance), the installation and commissioning is 16000 yuan Yuan, then the total investment in LED advertising screens is 187,160 Yuan.

The advertising space is calculated at 100,000 yuan per year, and the average monthly advertising space is 8,333 yuan. The 48-square-meter LED advertising screen consumes 14.4 degrees of electricity per hour. Calculated according to the electricity fee of 1 yuan per hour, the hourly electricity fee is 14.4 yuan. If it is disconnected for 8 hours a day, the daily electricity fee is 115 yuan, and the monthly electricity fee is 3456 yuan. In this way, the monthly advertising space and electricity operating cost of the LED advertising screen is 11,789 yuan, and the 6-month operating cost does not exceed 80,000 yuan.

Let's analyze it from the perspective of income. The 48-square-meter LED advertising screen plays advertisements countless times a day. According to the initial 15 customers, each customer spends 5,000 yuan per month on advertising (equivalent to one employee's monthly salary) , The monthly advertising fee income can basically be 75,000 yuan. Calculated according to 6 months, the advertising fee income for half a year is not less than 450,000 yuan. From the above analysis, the cost of making an LED advertising screen is 187,160 yuan, the six-month operating cost is 80,000 yuan, the total expenditure for half a year does not exceed 270,000 yuan, and the half-year advertising income is 450,000 yuan. The profitability of LED advertising screens is still very strong. After half a year, more and more customers will invest in advertising, and the cost is the advertising space, electricity and labor costs. Therefore, we believe that LED advertising screens can bring considerable benefits to advertising operators.

At present, because outdoor advertising spaces need to be approved by relevant city departments, the cycle may be longer, and those that can be approved are machines that make money. .

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