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The LED display industry is developing vigorously, and the LED display is indispensable for sports events. From the fence LED display around the football field, to the LED display on the two sides of the basketball court, sports, diving, etc. have immeasurable development prospects. We attach great importance to With the development of sports, especially the current national fitness venues, LED displays can be installed for technical guidance information transmission. In recent years, China's sports industry has flourished and received unprecedented policy support. The 13th five-year plan of the central government also elaborated the vision for the development of China's sports industry: it will exceed RMB 3 trillion (A$580 billion) in 2020 and reach RMB 5 trillion (A$968 billion) in 2025. One can imagine the future development trend of LED display screens, and international cooperation and exchanges are an important part of the development of the sports industry.

It is against this background that the Australia-China Sports Summit was held. From October 16 to 17, 2017, the two-day Australia-China Sports Summit (Australia-China Sports Summit) was successfully held in Shanghai. The summit was sponsored by the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce in Australia, and representatives from sports associations, sports colleges and sports technology innovation associations from China and Australia participated. Energy transfer signal.

Lori McKinna, CEO of A-League Newcastle Jets Football Club, was invited to attend the summit and delivered a keynote speech on football. Lori McKinna also introduced the layout of the entire football industry chain invested by China's owner United Huiye: United Huiye is deeply involved in the business operations of professional leagues at all levels in China; its Shenzhen United Huiye football team has entered the fourth round of the Chinese League Two. Strong, is expected to break into the First Division League, become the new business card of Shenzhen, the capital of science and technology, and will also promote the development of the core business LED display screen; the 12th person APP, a football Internet product, is committed to building a home for Chinese fans and has extensive influence; Lianhe Huiye is the title sponsor of the Portuguese First Division, a football powerhouse, and cooperates with Portugal to carry out a plan for Chinese players to study abroad; in addition, Lianhe Huiye has also invested in Swiss Infront, established a sports investment fund, and plans to build LED displays in Switzerland Branches are widely deployed in the domestic and international sports markets. Both Australia and China football belong to the AFC and are an important representative of Asia-Pacific football.

In recent years, the clubs of the two countries have frequently met in the AFC Champions League, and the cooperation between the two countries in the sports industry has gradually heated up. The first Chinese capital LED display-led hardware equipment supplier wholly-owned A-League Newcastle Jets Football The club has become the most important link for sports exchanges between the two countries. Jets Club CEO Lori McKinna shared the story and vision of the Jets at the meeting: In June 2016, the Newcastle Jets Club was wholly acquired by a Chinese-funded enterprise United Huiye Investment, becoming the first Chinese capital The wholly-owned overseas first-level league clubs have laid a good foundation for promoting the development of United Huiye's LED display. Since then, Australian football has a strong Chinese element, and the more than 1 million Chinese in Australia also have their own "home team".

Over the past year, the Jets have visited China twice, visiting many cities in China, and playing and communicating with Chinese Super League and Hong Kong Super League teams. The youth team also participated in this year's Weifang Cup. The Jets have also become a platform for player exchanges between the two countries. In the future, more players may flow between the leagues of the two countries. In the field of professional leagues, United Huiye has now formed a football strategic layout of multi-regional and multi-level leagues in China, Portugal, and Australia. Through resource integration, sharing and linkage have been formed, and an "iron triangle" has been built. The cooperation projects also include LED display screens product.

The layout of the Iron Triangle has formed a closed loop, and will carry out development activities such as youth training, player brokerage, commercial competitions, football tourism and other development activities in the football industry chain, forming a synergistic effect with other football industry layouts invested by United Huiye. In the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that in the past five years, "national fitness and competitive sports have been developed in an all-round way", and it is necessary to "extensively carry out national fitness activities, accelerate the construction of a sports power, and make good preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics." It can be expected that Chinese sports will have new great achievements in the next few years, and China-Australia sports and cultural exchanges will also climb to a new level. The Jets will open the door for football exchanges between the two countries and become the partner of more than 1 million Australian Chinese. The spiritual bond must also become a bridge connecting the economic culture and friendship between China and Australia. The promotional effect of the LED display has also laid a friendly foundation for the mutual understanding of Chinese and Australian sports and the people of the two countries.

The reason why United Huiye invests in the construction of this "iron triangle" is to help Chinese football open up channels to study abroad, and also to open a window for the core business of LED display. To borrow the words of Mr. Ren Xiaodong, chairman of Lianhe Huiye: "One-way 'please come in' is not enough, but 'go out' - let excellent Chinese LED display products go overseas, let young players develop football The country can feel the advanced football culture, learn advanced football skills and tactics, and help them grow into international players with individuality. .

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