The LED large screen market has obvious advantages


After more than ten years of test and precipitation in the domestic large-screen market, it still maintains a rapid development trend. In the large-screen market, the three major splicing technologies of PDP, DLP, and LED splicing occupy the mainstream of the market; It is an emerging technology that has emerged after technology, but it is highly favored by users for its high-definition, high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation and other advantages of a series of high-quality large screens that other displays do not have. It is widely used in security, entertainment, advertising and many other industries. Analysis of the advantages of the new large screen, the viewing angle of the new large screen is large. For early LED products, the viewing angle used to be a big problem restricting LED, but with the continuous progress of LED technology, this problem has been completely solved. The DIDled large screen used in the led splicing curtain wall has a viewing angle of more than 178 degrees, which has achieved the effect of absolute viewing angle. New large screen, long life and low maintenance cost. LED is the display device with the longest service life. Its life is very long. Even the backlight part with the shortest life can last more than 50,000 hours, and even if it is used for more than such a long time, it will only affect its brightness. , just replace the backlight tube, the original bright colors can be restored. This is fundamentally different from rear projection. The service life of LED backlight is ten times longer than that of rear projection bulbs. The biggest difference from projection is that LED splicing technology is more mature and energy saving is obvious. Its advantages and disadvantages are self-evident. The new large screen is ultra-thin and lightweight. LED has the characteristics of thin thickness and light weight, which can be spliced ​​and installed conveniently. The simple box with dedicated LED large screen weighs only 120.5KG and is less than 10 cm thick, which is unmatched by other display devices. The new large screen has high resolution and bright pictures. The dot pitch of LED is much smaller than that of plasma, and the physical resolution can easily reach or exceed the high-definition standard. The brightness and contrast of LED are very high, and the color is bright and bright. The pure flat LED large screen display has no curvature at all, and the image is stable and does not flicker. The new large screen has a long trouble-free time and low maintenance costs. LED is the most stable and reliable display device at present. Due to the small heat generation, the device is very stable and will not cause failure due to excessive temperature rise and damage of components. Low power consumption and low heat generation. LED display equipment, low power, low heat has always been praised by people. The power of small-sized LED large screens is not more than 35W, and the power of LED large screens above 1 square meter is only about 150W, which is only about one-third to one-fourth of that of plasma. 8. Economy: Considering the economy of the LED large screen system, it should be considered from the perspective of cost performance. Only under the premise of high performance and high quality, the economy of the system is meaningful. Innovative and advanced; 460-inch ultra-narrow-edge LED splicing, only 6.7mm seam, 550-inch LED backlight ultra-narrow-edge LED splicing only 5.5mm, which is the most advanced LED splicing at present. Of course, since the backlight illuminant of LED products still uses cathode vacuum tubes (CCFL), the filaments and tube holders at both ends of the lamp limit the size of the LED splicing crystal panel. The width of mm-22mm, so the splicing seam is slightly larger is the only shortcoming of led splicing curtain wall, but with the investment of BSR-LED backlight technology, this shortcoming will be significantly improved. Due to the immature production technology of domestic LED large screens, most of the LED large screens on the market are imported, and the price will be a bit expensive, and the LED splicing technology is also based on reference from foreign countries, which is not perfect in itself, which leads to some problems in the new large screens. Defects. However, with the advancement of technology and the improvement of technology, the technology of the new LED large screen will become more and more mature, and the defects will become smaller and smaller. At that time, the market advantage of the new large screen will be greater and the application field will be wider. . .

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