The market prospect of transparent LED advertising screen is broad


The market prospect of transparent LED advertising screens is broad. With the increasing competition of conventional LED advertising screens, many LED advertising screen manufacturers seek product differentiation to highlight more product uniqueness and corporate strength. The light transmittance and ventilation of the glass cause closure, so Shenzhen United Huiye Technology spent a lot of money and energy to develop transparent LED advertising screens with light transmission and ventilation, which have been highly recognized by the market. With the rapid take-off and development of the urban economy, there are many high-rise buildings in modern metropolises, and the area of ​​glass curtain walls continues to expand, and it still maintains a rapid growth of tens of thousands of square meters every year, thus promoting the formation of a new blue ocean market for transparent LED advertising screens. Many LED advertising screen manufacturers have also increased their research and development and investment in transparent LED advertising screens, and the market is showing a hot atmosphere.

1. Customized design: Shenzhen United Huiye's transparent LED advertising screens are mostly customized, and the box size and shape (arc, cylinder, ellipse, cone, etc.) can be customized according to the project installation environment, and the original structure attached to the curtain wall is simple Modern installation, save space and installation cost, meet the needs of project lighting display to the greatest extent, enable the designer's creativity to be fully utilized, and bring the most comfortable visual experience to people. 2. Ultra-high permeability: the transparency rate of Lianhuiye transparent LED advertising screen can reach 65%-90%, the highest can reach more than 90%, and it adopts the original side-emitting display technology (the area of ​​a single lamp bead is only 5.16 square meters mm, the thickness of the light bar is only 2mm, while the area of ​​a single lamp bead of most manufacturers in the industry is 9.8 square millimeters, and the thickness of the light bar is 10mm). The simplified cabinet design of Lianhe Huiye reduces the width of the box keel and the number of LED light bar support fixing rods. It is a perfect fusion of the transparent LED advertising screen box and the glass keel on the project site, reducing the area of ​​the transparent shielding area and further improving permeability.

3. Green energy saving, efficient heat dissipation: Transparent LED advertising screens need transparency effects, and corresponding videos are usually produced. During the video playback process, the pure black part of the screen, that is, the most transparent part of the transparent screen, does not emit light. The power consumption of the transparent screen is greatly reduced; the lamp bead of Lianhuiye transparent LED advertising screen is extremely small, the heat generation is low, the screen body has high permeability, and can dissipate heat efficiently and quickly. 4. Indoor installation, outdoor viewing: Lianhuiye transparent LED advertising screen is a kind of indoor LED advertising screen. It is installed indoors and can highlight and display detailed images outdoors. The indoors belong to the owner's own resources, and the installation can be controlled at will, reducing The approval process of outdoor advertising is simplified, and even no approval is required. The brightness can be adjusted according to the real-time changes in the external environment, reducing light pollution and making the city more green and beautiful. 5. Quick installation and easy maintenance: Lianhe Huiye transparent LED advertising screen has a transparent box structure, light weight, and is very convenient to install.

And the product adopts the plug-in light bar design, which supports the front and rear maintenance methods of the screen body, and only needs to replace a single light bar, which is easy to operate and saves time and effort. 6. Rich experience in project implementation: Lianhe Huiye has rich experience in project implementation. It has successively implemented many transparent LED advertising screen projects such as Sina Eye, Liyang Shanghe City, Binzhou Science and Technology Museum, etc., and has a good market reputation, product quality and after-sales service. The service is widely praised by customers. Not only that, Lianhuiye also tailors a complete set of project solutions for each customer, from the initial product selection, steel structure design, design and development of transparent LED advertising screens, installation to the final screen lighting and normal work, after-sales Services, follow-up and participation throughout the process, to ensure the stable and normal implementation of the project.


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