The market share of high-definition LED full-color screens is gradually expanding


In the past year, the market share of high-definition LED full-color display has gradually expanded, which proves that the competitiveness of small-pitch LED full-color screens has gradually increased, and the market capacity has been gradually released. Due to the delicate display effect, high-definition LED full-color screens are suitable for small places, such as hotels. Hotel lobbies, specialty stores, gas stations, and station terminals are all suitable for installing small-area high-definition LED full-color screens. Since 2012, the media has speculated that high-definition LED full-color screens will replace monochrome door screens and occupy the small store market. As merchants, they also hope that the promotion of LED full-color screens can bring better business and improve the image of stores. The number of small stores in China is more than 80 million. It can be predicted how much domestic demand this single market will generate in the near future, which will also bring a new wave of growth momentum to LED full-color screens.

The sources of high-definition LED brands are complicated: traditional LED full-color screen industry, advertising and digital signage industry, LCD splicing wall industry, DLP splicing wall industry, security display industry, educational multimedia industry, etc. Color screen brands have a "very different mentality." In other words, participants in the high-definition LED full-color screen industry do not come in with the goal of "construction industry". It is not an exaggeration to say that "everyone has their own ghosts".

Especially in 2016, high-definition LED full-color screens were further popularized on the basis of falling prices, and made great progress in "price-sensitive" markets such as security and digital signage, which brought a greater wave of "peach-picking" manufacturers to enter . Its product strategy is to strive to do a good job in technology, product upgrades, and market management; it is also a professional in LED full-color screens, and some brands that are backward and rely on large-pitch products have a business mentality of "seeing high-definition LED screens. Mature, expect to be able to pick the fruit”; companies in the LCD splicing wall industry have long been subject to the problem of excessive LCD splicing seams. In their eyes, high-definition LED full-color screen products are the means to meet the high-end needs of their customers; for DLP splicing manufacturers. In other words, entering high-definition LED full-color screens is "passively responding to the strong market challenges of competing products", and these companies are eager to promote the popularization of the latest technology. This kind of "peach picking" manufacturers use price and scale as their main marketing logic.

On the one hand, some high-definition LED product lines with slightly larger pitches are less technically difficult and easier to get started; on the other hand, these products have maintained a gross profit rate of about 30% for a long time. These two factors give the "barbarians" who "pick peaches" an opportunity to take advantage of. When the strategy of "picking peaches" entered the high-definition LED full-color screen industry with a new value concept, the "high-end and high-end" image of the original market was broken.

This change was further highlighted in 2016 and will be an important "variable" in the industry's brand structure in 2017. If it is said that before 2015, the law that dominated the high-definition LED market was more of a "challenge of technological upgrading"; in 2016 and after, this law will become "confrontation of different strategies between internal camps". In 2017, the internal brand confrontation of high-definition LED full-color screens will become more intense, which is almost 100% what will happen.

This market evolution constitutes "the 'catfish effect' played by barbarians" in the evolution of high-definition LED full-color screen technology. In this regard, it can be called a "structural" confrontation between different manufacturers in the high-definition LED full-color screen industry. .

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