The new full-color LED screen system will be more flexible and diverse


The "New full-color LED screen system will be more flexible and diverse" project was established in early 2016. At present, there are thousands of angel users. The team is polishing the model with several commercial streets in Shanghai as the core, and the commercial streets and shopping malls are not scattered. With small stores as the core, it is hoped to achieve a cluster effect and refine a more optimized full-color LED screen solution, after which extensive regional cooperation can be carried out. Moreover, the team itself has marketing experience and talent advantages to achieve functional innovation. In addition to hardware updates, Willip Technology will also provide solutions for full-color LED screen display content and style design. They believe that full-color LED screens are not only industrial products, but also marketing weapons, so they hope to provide designs based on commercial scenarios. And customized marketing solutions, rather than simply selling hardware.

LED screens are divided into monochrome LED displays and full-color LED displays. Willip Technology has broken through the form of pure text in content, and has created animation material libraries for various industries, and can carry out special designs for enterprises to provide more Diversified forms of presentation. The purpose of using led door screens is to attract users, and Willip's mission is to help merchants transmit information to LED screens more vividly and quickly and flexibly to attract customers. Regarding the marketing plan, Xu Ying gave us an example. Merchants on a street can form a mutual aid alliance, and use 10% of the time on their full-color LED screens to give warm reminders, advertise new stores, and celebrate the anniversary of a certain store. Celebration and other content, and when the content and style are unified, a unified visual aesthetic scene will be created.

In addition, according to the longitude and latitude of the city, the full-color LED screen can make regular brightness adjustments according to the sunrise and sunset times to reduce light pollution. In the initial stage of product use, B-side marketing solution services are essential. The founder of Willip Technology started his business in the field of mobile Internet in 2011. Before that, he made customized mobile Internet large-screen solutions for traditional B-end enterprises.

After coming into contact with the LED industry, I hope to enter the vertical field and deepen the development of the industry. The traditional LED screen industry is dominated by production and channels, and there is a problem of overcapacity. However, end users, such as small and medium-sized merchants, have poor use and recognition of LED screen products, and they do not know how to effectively use the marketing function of LED screens.

Willip Technology hopes to reshape the LED screen industry with the product model of the Internet and focus on user experience, and transform both technological innovation and creative design. The target of Willip Technology is small and medium-sized users such as shopping malls, commercial streets and street shops. First of all, in terms of hardware, the traditional LED screen needs to climb up and down with a USB flash drive, which is inconvenient to use.

Willip Technology has developed a set of remote operating system, chooses the most advantageous and stable WiFi module, and through cloud connection, merchants can directly use WeChat to operate and modify the content on the LED door screen, which is more simple and convenient. And pay more attention to the user experience in use, such as making updating the full-color LED screen as easy as posting to Moments, and the operation is more humanized. Xu Ying said that the company focuses on software platform innovation and creative design, so the production of LED screens adopts the OEM model.


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