The new LED full-color screen adds new momentum to the market


The new LED full-color screen adds new momentum to the market. The hot development of the LED full-color screen market has spawned many innovative products. The small-pitch LED full-color screen has made outstanding contributions to monitoring, video conferencing, and high-definition display. The color screen has the advantages of light weight and high light transmittance. It can be seen inside the glass curtain wall or window. After the LED full-color screen plays normally, it is a normal full-color screen. We have always insisted on product innovation, creating the vitality of Lianhuiye, and providing users with high-quality and affordable LED full-color screen products. As a market segment of LED full-color screen, transparent LED full-color screen is a new thing that has only appeared in recent years. Because it can be perfectly integrated with the environment, it has brought you unprecedented visual experience and brand-new applications. The experience has enriched the types and display methods of LED full-color screen products, filled the gap in the field of LED transparent display, and provided customers with more choices and possibilities.

In the future, based on the market's demand for transparent screens, the environment's friendliness to transparent screens, and the unique advantages of transparent screens that open up new ideas for the integration of full-color LED displays and the environment, United Huiye transparent LED full screen Color screens will be more widely used in the field of commercial complexes, and their development potential is huge. As a dark horse in the subdivision of full-color screens, some industry insiders predict that transparent screens may be king side by side with small pitches. The transparent LED full-color screen of United Huiye has the advantages of transparency, invisible installation, strong adaptability, green energy saving, no blocking of lighting, and convenient installation. It can be combined with the glass curtain wall to customize the size and shape, and integrate the gorgeous brilliance into the design concept of the building. , keep the facade of the building pure, easily match office buildings, shopping malls, stages, airports, hotels and various glass curtain wall environments, so that it can complete the display work without affecting the beauty of the environment, and complete the infinite continuation of the life of commercial display , favored by professional users all over the world.

More than 80% of the perspective effect makes the glass retain the function of lighting and perspective, and the existence of LED lights is almost invisible from a distance. The LED full-color screen image is suspended above the glass curtain wall, so that the space near the glass curtain wall is not affected. .

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