The number of romantic displays also look at the LED mirror screen! The era of LED commercial display is coming


With the development of advertising media and the prosperity of commercial economy, advertising machines have sprung up in people's field of vision. The small-pitch technology in the field of LED display is becoming more and more mature. Originally, the advertising machine market was mainly based on LCD displays, but with the birth of LED small-pitch displays, it broke the barrier that LED displays are only suitable for long-distance viewing. The cost reduction of LED display has brought obvious price advantages, and the color of LED display is rich and gorgeous. At present, led mirror screen is rapidly entering the commercial display market and replacing some LCD advertising machines. It has become a magic weapon for many merchants to create a perfect shopping environment. LED display is in the market of the commercial display era, and a new advertising machine - "LED mirror screen" was born. Led mirror screen, also commonly known as "static screen", is evolved from the advertising machine. The screen is thin and light, with front maintenance. The appearance design strives to present high-end atmosphere, fashion and novelty, and the installation method is flexible and changeable, which can meet various applications. Scenario installation requirements.

Its system adopts a zero-setting design, which is simple and convenient to operate, with plug-and-play advertising, and intelligent remote monitoring and management through the mobile APP, so that everything is under control. The led mirror screen can be spliced ​​arbitrarily, so compared with traditional LCD and DLP, it has a larger area and a wider viewing angle, so it is more eye-catching and has a stronger visual impact. It is suitable for shopping centers, catering industry, product launches, weddings, hotels, airports, luxury stores, chain stores, reception halls, mobile screens, real-time video, catering industry, reception halls, product launches, mobile screens, chain stores, etc. The best choice for advertising display equipment.

Many companies already have their own products for led mirror screens. The led mirror screen is a form of static pictures switched in time sequence. It is a led mirror screen that subverts the original dynamic playback, sound and image modes. This product has its strict requirements in terms of technology and workmanship.

First of all, in the static state, the requirements for color and clarity are more obvious than in the dynamic video. The viewer can watch more carefully in the static state. If there are problems such as ink color and ripples, the viewer will be clear at a glance. When displaying advertisements, it is superb in dealing with close-range ink and ripples. Secondly, on the power supply, led mirror screens generally work for a long time, so they have their own special features in terms of power supply. Generally, the business hours of shopping malls will exceed 12 hours, so the power supply must solve problems such as heating and explosion prevention.

Furthermore, the stability of the mirror screen can control the jumping of static pictures within a few seconds, and there will be no phenomenon of fast and slow. There is also stability in the control management system, information release, etc. Retail is one of the most important application areas of LED mirror screens. Currently, LED mirror screens are developing at a rapid pace and becoming the mainstream carrier of retail advertising.

In addition to indoor retail, the application of LED mirror screens in the field of outdoor advertising is also developing rapidly. Whether people are waiting for the traffic green light, looking around for a favorite clothing store, or strolling to pass the time, LED mirror screens can Successfully attracted everyone's attention. I believe that with the further development of creating "scenario experiential marketing" in the future, led mirror screens can shine in the field of commercial display, and with the advancement of technology, manufacturers will continue to deepen their own subdivisions based on product performance and functions. , High-definition intelligence, naked-eye 3D, AR human-computer interaction, VR virtual "fitting" and other technologies are constantly being applied to led mirror screen products, avoiding the industry from embarking on the path of serious homogeneity in the traditional LED advertising machine market. At present, small-pitch LED displays are rapidly penetrating into all walks of life, which has greatly accelerated the pace of LED mirror screens entering the commercial display market. Small-pitch LED displays are beginning to show their prominence in the field of commercial display applications with great potential.

From technological breakthroughs to the price advantage of LED mirror screen manufacturing costs, and the demand for LED mirror screens in the commercial display era, the large-scale application of LED mirror screens in the commercial display market is just around the corner. .

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