The precision of LED electronic screen continues to improve


The precision of LED electronic screens continues to improve. The current pixel pitch of outdoor electronic screens has exceeded 2.6 mm, which was unimaginable 5 years ago. This innovation will improve the image quality of LED electronic screens with small areas in many stores. Demonstrating engaging audiences makes for a great experience. In recent years, the development of small-pitch LED electronic screens has been booming, and it has the potential to sweep the entire LED display industry. Following the indoor small pitch, outdoor small pitch has gradually become a market hotspot that many LED electronic screen manufacturers are vying to seize.

Previously, some industry forecasts said that the market size of outdoor small-pitch LED electronic screens may reach 100 billion in the future. This assertion is like a thunderbolt on the ground, which makes people excited and nervous. It is an inevitable trend for future development to develop small outdoor pitches to P2.5 or even P1.2. With the advent of the new retail era, the outdoor commercial display market is constantly exploding.

For example, advertising machines, bus stop signs, advertising windows and other display platforms that are in close contact with people. If you want to achieve a good interaction between the content information of the LED electronic screen and the audience, neither P8, P6, P4, or P3 can satisfy the small spacing. intervention is inevitable. Judging from major industry exhibitions and the new product release trends of various LED electronic display manufacturers in the industry, the dot pitch records for outdoor applications have been repeatedly refreshed, and all companies have also tried their best to strive for the blue ocean market of small outdoor pitches. Grab a seat. It is understood that the current outdoor small spacing has broken through P2.6, and there are already corresponding application cases.

At the same time, many leading screen companies in the industry have also begun to develop in the direction of outdoor small pitch. A person in charge of a company in the industry once said: Outdoor small pitches will reopen the outdoor and semi-outdoor digital signage market that LCD splicing screens have failed to start effectively, and will create an emerging market of nearly 20 billion yuan in the domestic outdoor/semi-outdoor small advertising screen market . It can be seen how attractive the outdoor small-pitch LED electronic screen market is! Driven by the market demand for outdoor commercial displays, outdoor small-pitch LED electronic screens already have a considerable market development space.

At the same time, with the superimposed use of human-screen interactive technologies such as infrared sensing, face recognition, touch, 3D, VR/AR, etc., the outdoor small-pitch display screen becomes more vivid. With the blessing of these interactive technologies, the outdoor small-pitch LED The development prospect of electronic screen is very promising. As we all know, the outdoor large screen market occupies almost half of the LED electronic screen industry. In the current era of smart city construction and big data interconnection, the outdoor media market is also ushering in new changes. In the future, with the further improvement of outdoor small-pitch products, the outdoor media market will surely become a big blue ocean with small pitch, and the development prospect is very promising! Of course, there are still some technical difficulties in the outdoor small spacing. For example, the problem of glue filling and plastic parts kits is difficult to solve, and the cost of using metal kits is too high... In the second half of 2017, with a certain LED screen companies in the industry represented by the company have made significant progress in COB packaging technology. COB packaging has also become the best solution to various doubtful problems in the industry at present. It is believed that with the further stabilization of COB packaging technology in 2018 And promotion, can be very good for the outdoor small pitch market.

United Huiye Technology asserts that whoever masters the innovative technology of outdoor high-definition LED electronic screens will lead outdoor high-definition display to a qualitative leap. Outdoor LED electronic screens currently account for half of the market share in the advertising industry, especially the development of some large advertising media clusters. , The demand for outdoor high-definition LED electronic screens will further increase. .

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