The security industry has become another core area of ​​full-color LED screens


Full-color LED screens are widely used. Outdoor advertising, video conferencing, product display, movie playback, financial exchange rates, station information, etc. all illustrate the important role and value of full-color LED screens. In order to expand the application field of color LED screens, the current security market is also Gradually heating up, small-pitch full-color LED screens are also used in monitoring fields such as public security, transportation, and emergency response. In the current market, the display screens in the security field are mainly divided into two categories: one is the liquid crystal display using the traditional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp), that is, LCD, and the other is the full-color display using LED (light-emitting diode). LED screen. LED screens can also be called monitors or splicing screens in the security industry. With the improvement of LED technology in recent years, various types of displays emerge in an endless stream, with lighter weight, higher definition and brighter colors. Due to the market demand, some super-sized splicing screen projects have emerged, which can meet the needs of a large number of signal sources and complex control systems. In addition, the LED full-color screen has broken through the limitation of patchwork. The application prospect of full-color LED screens in the security industry is still very good. Considerable, at present it is mainly used in the field of video conferencing and video surveillance, such as transportation, energy, public security, emergency rescue and so on. In addition to changes in appearance, the application scope of full-color LED screens has changed. From the original single LED lighting products to many smart phones, this kind of screen with low price and good imaging has also begun to be used as the display screen of mobile phones. It has less radiation and a more detailed picture. The full-color LED screen has good color saturation, extremely long service life, and excellent playback effect in special environments. It solves the problems of long-term moisture in the TV, blurred pictures, and unclear images. It is also used by many Loved by TV manufacturers. How much capital is required to make high-definition full-color LED screens, which professional full-color LED screen manufacturer is the strongest, Shenzhen Lianhuiye Technology is your ideal choice. The company has a technical team with rich experience, high technical literacy, stable team, honesty and morality. The company's full-color LED screen products and projects cover more than 30 provinces and cities in China and more than 60 independent countries abroad, with thousands of customers. Leading, reliable quality, service in place and other characteristics are praised by users. .

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