The security LED screen splicing market is gradually heating up


"Security LED screen splicing market is gradually heating up" LED screens have undergone rapid development and have now involved all aspects of society. The most widely used is the advertising industry. Monochrome LED screens are suitable for door subtitle advertisements, full-color LED screens are suitable for indoor and outdoor billboards, and can be seen everywhere in airport station squares. Now the monitoring industry used to use LCD splicing, but now it has gradually been replaced by LED screen instead. As the main product of current display equipment, LED screens are more and more used in all walks of life, whether it is in the LED splicing display or in the LED industry, especially in the monitoring field, it has gradually replaced the monitor. As we all know, China's LED The main production area of ​​the screen market is also located in Shenzhen, but its shortcomings are also obvious, and the quality is uneven. It is difficult to find a manufacturer with reliable product quality and good after-sales service.

In recent years, the LED screen market in Shenzhen has developed rapidly, and a group of manufacturers represented by United Huiye Technology have been born that focus on products and services. Shenzhen, as a major economic province in the country, has a huge market for LED splicing screens , the annual demand also shows a continuous upward trend. Product prices are also constantly decreasing. With the concentration of electronic product supply chains, the market price of LED screens is also gradually falling. Up to the current six or seven thousand yuan. So what makes LED screen products able to keep prices down? First of all, the intensity of competition in this industry is far from comparable to that of the DLP splicing market, especially now that there are a number of companies without any qualifications that compete at low prices in the market. They have no production lines and purchase splicing screens directly from Shenzhen and other places and do not undertake after-sales, etc. The service is sold directly to customers, which greatly reduces its cost, but the direct consequence of this is a one-shot sale. Without after-sales service, LED screens will not have long-term development.

The Shenzhen LED screen market is developing rapidly, and the market share of LED screens has been rising. First of all, it depends on the advantages and characteristics of its own products. , color clarity, or from the flexibility of installation and after-sales service costs, etc. have obvious advantages. The data shows that the market share of LED screens in the Shenzhen market has reached 43%, and the total market has reached hundreds of millions of yuan. The comprehensive strength is rapidly catching up. The LED screen manufacturers represented by Lianhe Huiye Technology have developed very rapidly in recent years. There have been thousands of cases in various industries, and the industries are all over the government, public security, enterprises, prisons, communities, etc. , the company's strength has also reached the domestic advanced level, with complete qualifications such as ISO, 3C, energy saving, test reports, CE, CB, FCC, ROHS, etc. In 2015, the sales in the Shenzhen market reached more than 30 million yuan, becoming Shenzhen's leading LED screen leading companies in the field.

As the market continues to rise, LED screens have also ushered in an opportunity for rapid development of the industry. I believe that through our unremitting efforts, China will become the main LED screen splicing display product market! .

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