The source of the vigorous development of campus LED screens


The source of the vigorous development of campus LED large screens. Schools should say that the application requirements for LED large screens are still very extensive. Subject enrollment, school promotion slogans, statutory festival publicity, independent activity arrangements, etc. can be announced and disseminated on the LED large screen. , the school is the cradle of knowledge transmission, but also the future of society, it should also be a valuable group of LED large screen advertising. Since the reform and opening up, my country's education has made great achievements, campus infrastructure has been improved, urban and rural education has taken on a new look, students study in safe and beautiful teaching buildings, and Internet information technology education has flourished. In the course of this era, color The large LED screen plays an active role. The color LED large screen in the auditorium of Shenzhen middle school designed and manufactured by Shenzhen Lianhuiye. Shenzhen Lianhuiye attaches great importance to the campus color LED large screen business. It has rich project experience in this area and strictly controls product design drawings, manufacturing, production, delivery and installation, etc. We have completed the large-screen projects of Tsinghua University, National Defense University, Shenzhen University of Science and Technology, Southern University, Shenzhen Middle School and other well-known schools with an attitude of excellence, and won the trust of the school with high-quality services.

Take Shenzhen Middle School as an example. The school is a first-class middle school in the country. It attaches great importance to the investment in basic education facilities, and applies the United Huiye small-pitch LED large screen to the school auditorium. These large screens support 3D effects and the picture display effect is excellent. These large screens He has undertaken live broadcast activities many times and witnessed the growth of many students. Tsinghua University's color LED large screen designed and manufactured by Shenzhen United Huiye. The LED large screen appeared on the campus in the form of a door screen in the early days, and was mostly used for campus event notifications or safety education and publicity. With the development of my country's LED industry, full-color large screens have gradually become the mainstream of the market. Color LED large screens have appeared in school auditoriums, libraries, lecture halls, stadiums, school history halls and other places. These high-definition large screens actively participate in the school Construction plays an important role in campus activities such as sports events, academic lectures, cultural performances, image promotion, and cultural exchanges.

In the 21st century, Internet technology has changed people's lifestyles in all aspects, especially in the field of education. In teaching practice, many courses can use multimedia technology to transform textbook knowledge into more creative content and present it on large indoor screens. For the majority of students; children in the central and western regions can also obtain network resources and listen to lectures from teachers from top-notch schools on large color LED screens. .

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