The transformation of LED display enterprises is the fundamental direction


The transformation of LED display enterprises is the fundamental direction. LED display has been developed for more than 20 years. According to the latest survey, the homogeneity of products of various LED display manufacturers is very serious, and the operation methods of factories are also similar. Change has become a must. You can work hard on the structure and display principle of the LED display, and you must also lay out market positioning. Homogeneous competition is serious, and the transformation path of LED display enterprises is divided. Competition is becoming increasingly fierce, product homogeneity is becoming more and more serious, and fierce price wars broke out. With the weakening of policy subsidies, a lot of capital began to withdraw from the market, which triggered a wave of mergers in the industry.

In 2016, companies in the industry generally realized that transformation has become an irreversible trend, and because of this, they once achieved commercial performance and became the darling of transformation. 2015 and 2016 should be the most turbulent two years for the development of LED display screens. According to statistics, about 5,000 LED display related companies withdrew from the market in 2015, and more than 4,500 companies in 2016. In just two years, enterprises The number has almost halved. According to Ren Xiaodong, general manager of Jiangxi United Huiye Technology Co., Ltd., the company's outdoor LED display production base project invested 300 million yuan in the first phase. Since the "trial operation" on November 23 last year, it has received many "big orders". ", and the annual output value is expected to reach 1 billion yuan.

"In the industrial park, the company has 6 factories with a total area of ​​nearly 30,000 square meters. Our main product, outdoor LED display, will drive Qingshan Lake District to build the largest outdoor LED display production base in China." February 24, Jiangxi The outdoor LED display production line of United Huiye Technology Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation in Nanchang LED Industry Innovation Demonstration Park. Jiangxi Lianhe Huiye is the second listed optoelectronic company introduced by Nanchang Qingshan Lake District after Zhaochi Optoelectronics. It will effectively fill the gap in the application field of LED industry in Qingshan Lake District and will drive Qingshan Lake District to build the largest outdoor LED display production base in China.

The electronic information LED industry is a strategic emerging industry with the most development potential, with a huge "market cake" worth several trillion yuan. It is understood that Nanchang Qingshan Lake District firmly seized the opportunity of the province and city to build "Nanchang Optics Valley", and successively introduced Zhaochi Optoelectronics, Elite Optoelectronics, United Huiye, Lianchuang Hongsheng, Sheng More than 20 excellent optoelectronic companies, including Ye Electronics, have 470 LED packaging production lines, 12 outdoor display production lines, 20 lighting lines, and 12 electroacoustic device production lines. Formed an industrial form dominated by midstream packaging and downstream applications, realized "fission" expansion from scratch, from weak to crescendo, and built a new industrial cluster exceeding 5 billion yuan.

"As an important part of Nanchang Optics Valley, the next step is to build a 30 billion electronic information industry cluster in Qingshan Lake District within five years, further expand the frequency of encryption investment, extend and expand platform construction, strengthen policy support, improve and perfect the industrial chain, relying on packaging The advantages of the field accounting for 70% of the city and the foundation of the existing outdoor display screens will create the largest LED packaging industry demonstration zone and outdoor LED display manufacturers in the central region of the country, and help the "Light of Nanchang" light up the world with practical actions." Qingshan, Nanchang Li Ting, deputy head of the Lake District, said. However, this kind of transformation of "all expectations" is tantamount to no transformation, it is just that everyone has changed a subdivision and continued to fight.

After two years of ups and downs, many companies have begun to realize that what really separates them from other companies lies in differentiated products and providing customers with customized services based on consumer needs. The normalization of environmental protection storms is a great benefit to Shenzhen enterprises. At present, the proportion of hardware in the cost of LED display screens is increasing, and the impact on costs is also increasing. Continue to crack down on unlicensed, unlicensed, and unlicensed workshops , It will greatly reduce the living space of low-end and inferior LED display products. It makes the whole industry return to the normal state of fighting for quality, creativity and cost performance.

From the end of last year to the present, the time is still short, and it is too early to draw conclusions about the normalization of environmental protection storms! This has too much impact on the LED display industry in Foshan, Zhongshan, and Jiangmen, and we still need to continue to observe. In the long run, after short-term labor pains in Foshan, Zhongshan, and Jiangmen, it is absolutely positive for the upgrading of the entire LED display industry chain, the elimination of backward production capacity, and the large-scale operation of enterprises. .

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