The unique shape of the LED large screen can meet the new demand


Due to the complex installation environment of LED large screens, it is particularly important to need a practical LED large screen. At present, the flat LED large screens on the market are usually used in the advertising industry. The screen needs a unique shape design, highlighting the different concepts of the LED large screen. The traditional LED large screen, restricted by technology, can only meet the most basic display requirements, and its shape, display color and expression method are very single. With the development of display technology, people put forward new requirements for display effect. In addition to meeting the most basic display requirements, LED large screens have also begun to be required to integrate with the surrounding architectural environment. LED large screens with many characteristics such as sensing the external environment, self-brightness adjustment, adapting to harsh environments, and transparent lighting are widely used in people's lives. It has sprung up like mushrooms, and in the current construction of global smart cities, it shows a market development trend that is changing with each passing day. A wave called "smart city" is sweeping across the world.

The application of various smart city terminals is becoming more and more common. The LED smart city terminals formed by the combination of the LED large screen industry and the smart city ecology are also gradually widely used. Affected by the trend of wisdom in the times, the innovative application market trend of LED large screens is developing. obvious. In recent years, the smart revolution represented by the application of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, wireless communications, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence has begun. The way people work, live, and recognize has been gradually transformed or even reshaped, and has affected the Manufacturing Industry. The market potential of LED transparent screen is huge.

As an emerging subdivision of LED large screens, transparent screens have not entered the market for a long time. With its highly creative display and light transmission features, it has opened up a new subdivision of LED large screens. It is used in urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, Automobile 4S stores, airports, etc. are widely used, and it also caters to an emerging market demand. Relevant information shows that the total area of ​​China's modern glass curtain walls has exceeded 70 million square meters, and its market potential is huge, and its popularity is no less than that of small spacing. With its "transparent" feature, the transparent screen has strong light permeability, which can meet the special light requirements of the installation site, bring people a sense of fashion and technology, and can be well integrated with the surrounding architectural environment.

Due to the characteristics of its creative display, the current development of transparent screens is mainly restricted by its customization characteristics. Due to the relatively long product cycle and the difficulty of large-scale production, the number of transparent screens on the market is relatively small, and the market demand is very large. The United States " "Displaybank" research agency made a bold prediction on LED transparent display: "By 2025, the market output value of transparent display will be about 87.2 billion US dollars." The market potential is huge. The combination of intelligent Internet, naked-eye 3D, and VR/AR technology applications has opened up a new display innovation application market, and the rise of small-pitch LED large screens has opened up the way for LED large screens to commercial and civilian markets. With continuous breakthroughs in core technology, high-definition LED display screens with vivid colors and high image reproduction have begun to be widely accepted by people, and with the use characteristics of large LED screens, they are compatible with the emerging smart Internet and naked-eye 3D in the smart age. , VR/AR and other current hot technologies have formed a trend of combining applications. Taking VR/AR as an example, LED large screen manufacturers actively carry out the research and development and layout of LED large screen + VR/AR products through cooperation with related VR/AR companies , it is worth noting that in 2016, VR/AR voices are very hot, its market prospects are very promising, and many companies are flocking to it. According to relevant AR industry reports, the future AR market will reach 100 billion U.S. dollars, with LED large screen + VR/AR The combination of creative applications is bound to become another force in the LED large screen innovation market.

Special-shaped screens adapt to the individual needs of the market. With the gradual spread of the LED special-shaped screen market, in the near future, both individual businesses and big brand manufacturers can make good use of this advantage of LED special-shaped screens to attract more Customers can introduce products and decoration environment through LED special-shaped screen, so as to bring more economic benefits. Generally speaking, due to its specific module customization features and related technologies that still need to be improved, the price of special-shaped screens is still relatively expensive, and it is rarely seen in the market. As another very distinctive subdivision of the LED large screen market, the appearance of special-shaped screens often surprises people's attention. With its "different" from the usual characteristics, it becomes a new display carrier in the advertising industry through special-shaped modules, which can be spliced. LED large screens with various irregular structures such as spherical, rhombus, fan, gem, cylindrical, arc, etc. can well adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building. The size and size of the screen can be according to Certain requirements can be customized to meet the individual needs of customers.


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