The use of small-pitch LED screens is becoming more and more common


In recent years, the application of small-pitch high-definition display in the room has become more and more common. As users have more and more detailed requirements on the actual effect of the display interface, LED displays with smaller pitches have emerged from time to time. At present, some LED manufacturers have successfully guaranteed the production of 0.7mm small-pitch products. In practical applications, the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the pixel density of the screen, the larger the volume of information that can be displayed at one time in the enterprise area, and the closer the distance suitable for viewing, on the contrary, the longer the distance suitable for viewing.

Due to the popular definition of small-pitch LEDs, customers in many fields think that the lower the dot pitch of the purchased products, the better. However, is it really necessary for the dot pitch to get smaller and smaller? According to statistics, even 1.2mm small-pitch products are rarely used. From the perspective of display effect and cost management, a small pitch of 1.0mm or even 1.2mm can fully meet the market demand, and its high price has already made consumers unacceptable.

In this regard, Li Xilin, the technical leader of the my country LED Display Application Branch, said that he does not care about the trend of small pitches becoming smaller and smaller. He believes that the application of small spacing is mainly between P1.5--P2.0, and the advantages are not obvious below this range. It also shows that it is possible to use small spacing for home decoration, but its processing technology may be difficult to achieve, and COB can replace it.

And the key market competition for small spacing is not COB, but DLP. There are also a small number of companies in the industry that produce small-pitch products such as P0.9, but the cost is too high, and they don't care about the trend towards smaller pitches. In addition, some professionals said that in the development of small-pitch products, one or two companies may have a certain market value in the development of smaller-pitch products, but if the whole field is flooded, it will try to affect their market value.

Manufacturers can refine and refine it according to user needs. In addition, new technical highlights of products can be concentrated on "comprehensive experience", such as product structure, volume, and customization. Therefore, it seems that the future of the development of small pitches in a smaller and smaller direction does not seem to be great. It is best to consider the needs of the market and pay attention to grasping the scale. The most important thing at this stage is not to develop LED displays with smaller pitches, but how to put current technical real funds into use.


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