To create a competitive advantage LED display has brand power


To create a competitive advantage, LED displays have brand power. The LED display industry has developed for so many years, and the product line has covered many fields. All companies are actively preparing for the battle. The research and development of new LED display products is constantly increasing. Continue to deepen and create a benchmark leading enterprise in the LED display industry. Shenzhen United Huiye Technology, as an old LED display company for more than ten years, is not to be outdone. It actively carries out various activities to welcome 2018. It is about to bid farewell to 2017. Looking back on the 14-year development process, United Huiye Technology has grown from an LED display manufacturer Up to the upgrade of LED display comprehensive supporting service provider, Lianhe Huiye Technology brand has gradually entered the international stage.

In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the pace of self-learning, growth and innovation of United Huiye Technology people has never stopped. In 2017, United Huiye Technology Training adopted a comprehensive model of "internal training + external training", dug deep into internal gold medal lecturers, invited excellent external lecturers, and carried out a series of training activities in the company. Various comprehensive training courses of United Huiye Science and Technology Headquarters, "Voyage Plan·Training Camp to Improve the Quality of Middle-level Management Cadres", and the regular Thursday business study class of the International Display Division... So far, the United Huiye Technology training system has been gradually improved. The learning enthusiasm of the people of Lianhe Huiye Technology is gradually rising, and the atmosphere of learning-oriented corporate culture of Lianhe Huiye Technology is becoming stronger and stronger. For the improvement of personal professionalism and corporate cohesion, the improvement of the core competitiveness of Lianhe Huiye Technology will drive the performance of LED display screens Continued steady growth.

"Learning is the only way for every employee of United Huiye Technology to realize value." Under the guidance of Mr. Li, the general manager of United Huiye Technology, the company's human resources center introduced the school-running concept of a modern corporate university and officially established "United Huiye Technology" in 2017. training". The purpose is to inherit the corporate culture of United Huiye Technology, innovate the management philosophy of United Huiye Technology, master the sales management concept of LED display screens of United Huiye Technology, advocate and create positive energy, and improve the professionalism and business ability of United Huiye Technology personnel, so as to serve United Huiye Technology's talent echelon training, United Huiye Technology personnel's personal learning and growth provides soil and training benefits. Talent is the core competitiveness of an enterprise, and building a learning organization is a powerful driving force for the sustainable development of an enterprise! Lianhe Huiye Technology Co., Ltd. insists on adhering to the concept of people-oriented, "caring for people, respecting people, and cultivating people", which runs through the company's corporate culture construction of "learning, independence, thinking, collaboration, and mutual assistance".

The internal lecturers of United Huiye Technology Training come from middle and high-level managers on various business fronts within the company. They refine their years of work experience and knowledge, and use their own personal cases to enlighten students, so that students benefit a lot and gain a lot. From high-tech high-definition LED screens to small-pitch COB display products, from business sales skills to mastering knowledge of accounts receivable risks, from leadership to business etiquette...the course content is brilliant. Under the 2018 annual training planning goal of United Huiye Technology, United Huiye Technology training will provide more wonderful classrooms, arm yourself with the power of knowledge, and build the LED display brand strategy of United Huiye Technology people. , fighting side by side in 2018 with the spirit of speed, passion, sunshine, dream, and transcendence. .

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