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The LED car display screen is installed on the car. It uses a special LED power supply, a control card, and a unit board to display text, pictures, animations, and videos through the dot matrix. It is an independent set of LED vehicle display system with the rapid development of LED display. The requirements for dustproof and other aspects are higher. Vehicle-mounted LED display is an extension of advertising media LED, which is mostly used for outdoor information announcements, image advertisements, event advertisements, mobile stage backgrounds, information media, and live scores of events. It is widely used in vehicles, ships, taxis and other vehicles. With the continuous improvement of customer requirements and living standards, mobile media LED display solutions are more diverse, and their applications will be more extensive due to their effectiveness and flexibility. 2. The functional advantages of United Huiye Technology's vehicle-mounted LED display screens are unparalleled in the city's mobility, and have an absolute advantage as an advertising carrier. Traditional festivals, commercial sales activities, governments, social groups, agencies 1. Schools hold various publicity activities, need to put up a lot of posters, banners, etc., consume a lot of paper, wind and rain afterwards, very unfavorable to the environment and image of the city. It is extensively used in touring speeches, large-scale evening parties, touring performances, or mobile advertising. Large screens, high-definition images, speakers, lighting effects, and flexible business broadcasting can enhance the atmosphere of the scene. 1. Mobile media, with stronger dissemination, wider coverage and better effect. Compared with other LED displays, car LEDs are always in motion. Advertisement information can be broadcast at any time along with the car on the road, which has a stronger dissemination ability and a larger coverage area than a fixed advertisement platform. 2. High brightness, strong adaptability, all-weather playback. Using ultra-high brightness LEDs, it is still clearly visible from a long distance under sunlight. From south to north, from east to west, it adapts to cold, hot, dry and wet environments. 3. Simple operation and convenient use. Whether using a computer or a mobile phone, it is very convenient to change information and play videos. 4. Modular design, reliable performance and convenient maintenance. Display, control, and power supply are designed separately and form a self-contained module, which is more stable and easy to maintain. 3. Features of the vehicle-mounted LED display of United Huiye Technology Ultra-thin design, easy to disassemble and install: reduce the space occupied by the vehicle-mounted LED display; Type exhaust design: reduce the use of fans and reduce noise; ★Static protection measures: prevent damage to LED lamps and driver ICs; ★Wide voltage design: prevent damage to the display screen caused by high pulse voltage generated when the car starts, brakes, and stops. ★A movable lifting device is installed, and the lifting height can be adjusted according to customer needs. ★Combined Huiye technology products have launched a set of low-power solutions, which can make the display screen run 1/3 more energy-efficient than the original, and further greatly reduce your operating costs; ★With high refresh rate and high grayscale, the LED display screen The picture is more realistic and meets the high visual quality requirements of commercial use; ★It has the function of brightness and color point-by-point correction, which makes the picture of the LED display more abundant and meets the high visual quality requirements of commercial use; The advertising content on the LED display can be changed at any time, showing different advertisements for different customers around the clock; ★Support network control function, so that you can control the display screens of several cities in one place, and change the content you want to play at any time; ★ Cooperating with our multi-function card, it can realize the software timing or manual switch at any time, and realize the unattended function. ★The standardization of cabinet design makes the same cabinet size applicable to different pixel display requirements, making the installation of LED advertising screen more convenient. ★Good waterproof effect, with IP65 protection level, suitable for use in outdoor environments. ★The LED video control system has a double backup system, once a failure occurs, the customer can immediately switch to the backup system. ★The company also provides customers with related maintenance spare parts, all spare parts are modular design, which is convenient for after-sales maintenance. ★According to customer requirements and on-site environment, tailor the most suitable LED display solution; 4. Application places of vehicle LED display of United Huiye Technology 1. LED display on the rear window of the car: used in taxis, buses, engineering The display on the rear window of the car is generally based on single and double colors, displaying text information, and the transmission methods include wireless, wired, and U disk. 2. Roof LED lights: mostly used on the roof of taxis, not only as a taxi light box, but also to display advertisements. Let the mobile media go all over the city. It is mostly used to display text information. There are GSM, GPRS, GPS and other on-board screens; 3. Full-color LED display on the body: mostly used for advertisements, public welfare publicity, performances, etc., mainly playing videos, pictures and other information. Generally, it is refitted on a large car, and Huiye Technology can customize a liftable on-board LED display screen according to the different needs of customers. Applied to square celebrations, outdoor performance stage backgrounds, etc., limited investment brings unlimited business opportunities for advertising investors; 4. Vehicle-mounted screens for official business, highway administration, patrol police, and administrative law enforcement vehicles: not only add flashing lights, but also display information , the information content can be changed at any time; 5. Bus LED display screen: the good image of the bus plays an important role, and timely news, weather forecast and advertisements can be obtained wirelessly, and comprehensive information such as station information can be displayed synchronously. It not only provides passengers with a higher level of service, but also brings considerable benefits to operators; .

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