Wedding scene LED full color screen is very popular


The LED full-color screen is of great significance to the wedding scene. At this festive moment, it can mobilize the atmosphere of the scene. Through the LED full-color display, the life photos and sweet photos of a couple of couples can be displayed, which can make relatives and friends associate more happy life in the future. Weddings are usually held in hotels. The LED full-color screens we often see have a ratio of 16:9. There is a main screen in the middle and one or two additional screens on each side. The main screen is used to play video programs or picture content, and the additional screens usually play Colorful flickering screen. If the wedding is outdoors, you can choose to hold the wedding on the lawn, with a three-dimensional arch in the middle, decorated with flowers, and LED full-color screens on both sides, it will definitely produce a great visual effect.

In addition, the two sides of the full-color LED display can also choose to use screen projections, which can be placed in an inward shape, and can also make the lights change continuously, giving people a dreamy and beautiful feeling. In the wedding layout of the LED full-color screen, you can also put a wedding-themed version on both sides of the LED full-color screen, and then show the newcomer's movie on the full-color LED screen, and the sense of happiness will overflow. The role of LED full-color screens in weddings: After the couple arrives at the hotel, the LED full-color screen will immediately play the exciting clips of the newlyweds’ marriage reception, and the guests at the scene can experience the joyful process of the couple’s marriage reception process through the clear LED screen.

Before the couple arrives at the hotel, an electronic photo album composed of their wedding photos and growth history is played. Through the advanced digital cutting and broadcasting system of LED equipment, the couple can see the wedding ceremony CD immediately after the wedding banquet. During the wedding ceremony, the dynamic and static pictures matching the wedding links are played through LEDs. These pictures can be film and television materials, or videos that have been shot in advance, and can also play three-dimensional and two-dimensional animations to make the wedding more beautiful. The setting of the wedding scene makes the wedding more touching and allows the guests to enjoy it more beautifully.

Grand scenes can be linked with multiple screens. On-site sand painting performance, live webcast, and on-site lucky draw. The LED full-color screen is connected with the camera equipment at the wedding site. Through the display of the wedding details by the LED, the guests can see the details of the wedding more clearly, making the wedding more viewable.

Use the full-color LED display to play the MV made in advance for the newcomers, the blessings of the guests present and the guests who cannot be present from afar, videos such as new houses, certificate collection, etc., to make the wedding culture more profound. .

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