What are the advantages of full-color LED screens


"What are the advantages of full-color LED screens?" In the past, full-color LED screens can be said to be overwhelming. The advantage of full-color LED screens is that they can play videos, pictures, and texts of various countries in any format, which is the best for external publicity. Carriers, LED screens are very capable of adapting to the environment, harsh cold or hot summer can't stop the enthusiasm of merchants to buy. Most of them are monochrome series LED subtitle screens. We gradually found that there were a lot more full-color LED screens last year. It is deeply accepted by people for its colorful animations, different backgrounds, text formats and special effects. There is no doubt that In the next 3 years, it will replace 40% of the monochrome LED screen market in the market. With the price drop and cost advantages, optimizing the monochrome LED screen will become a history. The color LED screen is very convenient to install and can be installed on the wall or hoisted , It can also be installed on a truss. The information LED screen of the highway is a good example, as well as the exchange rate screen of the bank, the diversion information screen of the station, etc., which bring great convenience to people's travel. The control of the full-color LED screen is also very simple. You can insert a U disk, or use a super-category 5 network cable to directly connect to the computer for control. You can also install a mobile phone card for global information release, and you can also use WeChat for real-time synchronous control. The operation is more monotonous than before. The serial port method is much simpler, and the editing of the full-color LED screen is also very simple. As long as you are proficient in document applications, the operation is easy to use. The feature of the LED screen is that the font can be added to the background of any color, and the text on the front desk can also be added. Choose different text colors, and the display of information has different special effects. The text can be displayed in one line, or in several small lines. It can be displayed in any direction, up, down, left, and right, or it can be displayed statically. There are various effects. LED screen It provides very good and valuable information to the audience and plays an indispensable factor in promoting national development.


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