What are the causes of the large led screen flower screen?


Many people don't know how to solve the problem of the blurred screen on the large led screen, because many people worry about which switch they will accidentally touch, which will cause the problem of the blurred screen to be more serious. In fact, there are many reasons why the large led screen cannot display normally. Here, the editor of the editor has made some correlations about the reasons for the blurred screen of the led large screen, and believes that the reasons are as follows: 1. If the large led screen has just been installed Power on, most of the reason is because the scan settings of the LED software control card are not correct, on the other hand it is not plugged in correctly. 2. If you find a blurry screen after using it for a period of time, most of the reasons are the failure of the control card.

The reason for the failure of the control card is that the LED chip or power supply is damaged due to water seepage on the screen. If you want to solve this kind of problem, you can try to answer the monitor with DVI interface, and observe whether the signal of the DVI output port of the graphics card below is normal. Because the display cards of some led display manufacturers are still very good.

It is known that the resolution of the DVI interface of the general Lingxingyu card is 1024*862. Again, the cause of the large LED screen may also be the problem of the graphics card and driver. If it is really a problem with the graphics card and driver, we suggest that the debug button on the receiving card replace the network cable of the receiving card behind the large LED screen to see if the scanning of the display box is normal.


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