What are the details of installing LED screens?


A lot of supporting equipment and complex installation are indispensable for the installation of LED screens. Many customers will ask a lot of questions when installing LED screens for the first time. We will pass on the knowledge about LED screens to everyone. What's wrong with this LED screen certificate? We do not have this, who issued this? I don’t know, or it’s the management department, I’ve never heard of it, it’s not from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, so don’t bother with it. In addition, the size of the LED screen is 22.12 square meters. What is the width and height? I didn’t see the size. In the drawing of the steel structure, I saw a width of 5.76 meters by a height of 3.84 meters. Did the LED screen project win the bid? Let me make a quotation for you first. I haven’t even finished the list yet. Do you still need to invite bids? I see a lot of content below. National projects are required. We don’t have relevant certificates. Is this certificate important? It’s not important, they all set up barriers for bidding, which is for design reference. I don’t know if it’s the information given to him by the LED screen manufacturer. The small ones are just luck.

I would like to ask you something, how is the video controller in your company information connected to the computer? Connect the LED screen through HDMI, how are the multiple video controllers connected to the computer? You can use a multi-screen graphics card. What is the device behind? The graphics card of the computer can have 6 ports or 3 ports, and the devices behind it can be connected to the video processor, depending on whether it is needed or not, and whether it can be used in practice. Then what is the function of the video splicer in your company profile? That is, it can switch multiple signal sources to convert different signals to the LED screen, so the functions of the video splicer and switcher are not repeated? I don’t know what their switchers are like. There are many kinds of switchers, including sound switchers, video switchers, and switchers for different devices. Our video processor is specially designed for LED screens. How many can be brought behind the splicer? What about a video controller? With an LED screen, we will choose the appropriate specification according to the size of the LED screen. Isn’t the video processor your company’s information? Yes, this is a relatively complicated control method. Your LED screen is very simple, and you don’t need such a complicated connection. Your LED screen is only 22 square meters. Let me ask more, the video splicer and multiple video controllers behind it What is the connection between? The LED screen has an area of ​​more than 800 square meters, so many devices can be used. Who uses such a large one? Some outdoor buildings are hundreds of square meters above the wall, which is much larger than the average wall. It is very common to have a large outdoor wall of 300-400 square meters. I don’t know this market. It is 30 meters wide and 10 meters high. The meter is 300 square meters. The outdoor exterior wall does not look very big from a distance, but the actual size is very large. When will your offer be ready? Here is our offer for you to see.

That's it. Okay, let me see which remote power distribution box is in the quotation of the LED screen? The distribution box can be used to control the LED screen by remote control or by computer. Is it installed in the display screen? It can also be played regularly. Why is the number of receiving cards 28? The loading range of each card we calculated is fixed, only 6*4, 4 spare receiving cards, different versions in different periods, how many boards can the current receiving card carry? In the past, many customers had problems with the LED screen control cards. If they were scrapped and could not be bought, the receiving cards were 3 wide and 6 high. The loading range was 18 boards in total, 6 receiving cards, and 4 boards for 24 high boards. Cards, a total of 24 spare 4. Is the reliability of the receiving card bad? Any equipment has a lifespan. What specifications are generally used for outdoor LED screens? If it is broken, it is difficult to debug, P10 and P8 are available, can't you provide it? In 2018 this year, if the 2018 card is not produced in 2021, a new version of the card will be upgraded every year. The versatility is so poor? If you want to buy a 2018 card in 2021, you won't be able to buy it, and it will be discontinued. This is special equipment, these are domestic? Chips are imported, and the main purpose is to update products frequently and replace them. What if it breaks and cannot be bought? It is said that I will give you 4 spare tires in case you need to replace them in the future. Just like a car tire, at least one spare tire should be installed, and you can just replace it directly.

If the card is involved in the replacement, it is safer to prepare a few extra cards. If it is broken, find the manufacturer, and it will be a headache if you can’t buy it. Generally, how long can this outdoor LED screen be used for? Usually more than 6 years is no problem. It depends on the intensity of use and how long it is used every day. The LED screen is used every day for 6-8 hours. It is not used on weekends. The temperature is constant. It is no problem to use the LED screen for more than 6 years. The LED screen we made in 2008 is still used by customers for ten years. Yes, it is so expensive to install an air conditioner in the LED screen to cool down? The temperature is high in summer, and the high temperature will cause the LED screen components to age rapidly, so it is best to keep the temperature around 30 degrees.

In your quotation, does the display screen already include the cost of air conditioning? Not included, customers can configure it by themselves. How to install air-conditioning on the steel structure in the sky? Your LED screen can be equipped with an air conditioner. How many horses? 2P is fine.

Two fans are installed on the upper two ends to extract the hot air. This refrigeration, how to insulate the heat; the surrounding is a steel structure, and the back is sealed with aluminum-plastic panels. How much is the current market price of aluminum-plastic panels? We cover all the LED screen quotations.

What room is there for the price to fall with the structure included? No more, you can’t compare with the lowest wholesale price given to you. We do wholesale LED screens, mainly for engineering companies, and the prices are all wholesale prices. .

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